Tips for Wedding Reception Decorations on a Limited Budget

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Wedding reception decorations are must and do not require a fat budget. Use these tips and make your special day a memorable one with a limited budget.


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Tips for Wedding Reception Decorations on a Limited B udget


We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, proms, graduation days, annual award ceremonies and so on. But when it comes to a wedding, we don’t only celebrate it but make serious arrangements to turn this event into a most special occasion of our lives!   We try on dozens of dresses to choose the best one and still feel confused if the chosen one is perfect or not. We meet different wedding coordinators to decide who has the ability to understand our preferences and deliver with flawless services. We spend days in setting a menu and finalizing a suitable venue for the reception. We hire professional interior designers to decorate the venue and make our wedding a symbol of panache!


But above all comes the wedding budget! Everyone cannot afford a big fat wedding hence would more likely compromise on few features. Typically people prefer venue booking and catering above other arrangements and set wedding reception decorations as least priority. But now you do not have to do it!   Wedding reception decorations should not be compromised at any cost and if your budget is limited then worry not. Follow these tips and enjoy a well-ornamented ‘I-Do’ celebration


Use Christmas lights Every one of us celebrates Christmas (even those who are not Christians). So go to your attic and find those glittering Christmas lights you use every year to decorate your house. This time you’ll use them to decorate your wedding venue instead of renting expensive chandeliers and bulb stands.


2. Add some flair with ribbons ! Comparing to seat covers and curtains, ribbons will be less expensive. You can tie shiny broad ribbons on the back of seats and table legs to add some flair to your wedding reception. You may also use these ribbons to enhance the entrance and stage by curling them and taping to the pillars.


3. Place Water Fountain Many of you must have moveable water fountains in your garden or decorative table fountain pieces at home. Place them at the entrance or near bride and groom’s table to bring a beautiful effect of refreshment. The flowing water looks quite catchy and creates a soothing sound.


4. Serve Food in Style! Your guests will always remember the taste of food and the way it is served! Place candy jars decorated with dry flowers and ribbons on each table. You can also serve fresh bread with farm cheese in antique trays to bring on some rustic effect.


5. Light up Scented C andles Candles are the cheapest and attractive source of decoration! Place scented candles on each table and light up to win the hearts of guests with a refreshing fragrance


6. Use the Magic of Fabric You can purchase silk fabric in large bulk at cheap rates and use them as gorgeous ceiling drapes and table covers.   In short, wedding reception decorations are must and do not require a fat budget. Use these tips and make your special day a memorable one with a limited budget!


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