When Designing a Customer Loyalty Program Consider These Points


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If you are planning to set up a customer loyalty programme for your business then there are few questions you need to ask yourself and there are few points you need to consider while designing one to ensure it spells success. In this presentation we have put together few points to keep in mind when putting together a customer rewards program.


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When Designing a Customer Loyalty Program Consider These Points

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If you are planning to set up a customer loyalty programme then considering the following questions will help you come up with a successful one... C ustomer loyalty programme

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Can your loyalty programmes engage your customers? The 1st responsibility of a loyalty programme is to grab customer attention. Analyze customer behavior to figure out how you can engage them. Study your own experience as a customer and use that knowledge. L oyalty programmes

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Is your loyalty rewards design easy to execute? A loyalty rewards plan with a simple design is easy to execute. This makes sure there is no tedious process involved in carrying out the process. L oyalty rewards

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Can your customers easily follow your customer rewards program? It is important to design a customer rewards program which is simple enough to track and follow. If a reward program is too complicated customers lose interest and abandon them half way. C ustomer rewards program

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Does your rewards programme generate expected ROI? Any rewards programme's end purpose is to increase return on investment. Track your numbers and statistics. Check what's working and eliminate what's not. Make necessary changes to your reward design to increase your return on investment. R ewards programme

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