Customer Loyalty Programme - A Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Customer Loyalty programme is a very powerful strategy which has been accepted and implemented by businesses big and small. Customer Loyalty programme is one of the best ways to improve customer retention and customer lifetime value. In this presentation we have put together Top 10 benefits of implementing a customer loyalty programme. This is further supported by facts and figures which shows why it is so important for businesses to have a loyalty programme in place.


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Customer Loyalty Programme: • A Powerful Marketing Strategy • Benefits • Facts Figures

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• Customer Loyalty programme - a very powerful strategy Which has been accepted and implemented by businesses big and small. • Customer Loyalty programme - one of the best ways to improve customer retention. • Go to the next slide to find out Top 10 Benefits of implementing a Customer Loyalty Program. Customer Loyalty Programme

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Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programme • Increase in Customer Retention. • Increase in Customer Lifetime Value • Improved client Relation • Improved company reputation • Great ‘Customer Win back’ strategy to bring back lost customers. Loyalty Programme

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Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programme •Great way to encourage customers to move up from their current spend level to a higher spend level. • Allows the flexibility to decide which segment of your client base you wish to spend your marketing budget on. • Loyalty Programmes give you the opportunity to acquire new customers. Value Rewards

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Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programme • Gives you the opportunity to create brand advocates who can help you expand your customer base by giving personal recommendation. • Allows laser targeted marketing based on the valuable segmentation of a loyalty database. Best reward programme

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Loyalty Programme Facts Figures • 87 of shoppers say they want loyalty programs. • 68 of millennial say they wouldn’t be loyal to a brand if it doesn’t have a good loyalty program. • 23 of shoppers who said that their loyalty to a company has increased over the past year report that the reason was a loyalty program. Customer loyalty program

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Loyalty Programme Facts Figures • 54 of consumers would consider increasing their amount of business with a company for a loyalty reward and 46 said that they already have. • 34 of customers state that they wouldn’t be loyal to a certain business if it weren’t for that company’s loyalty program. • 66 of millennials respond to loyalty cards or discounts 65 respond to couponing and 50 respond to store circulars. Rewards programme

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Loyalty Programme Facts Figures • 83 of loyalty program members say that rewards programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a certain brand. • The top two reasons why consumers continue to participate in a loyalty program are: that it’s easy to understand 81 and the rewards and offers are relevant 75. Customer rewards programs

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About GK Value Reward Customer Loyalty Programme Jamaica GraceKennedy Value Rewards programme has partnered with numerous brands and businesses to create exciting reward packages ranging from entertainment and personal care services to gifts and special discounts. Customers have the freedom to choose the reward they desire based on the points theyve earned.GKVR participating subsidiaries Hi-Lo GK General Insurance First Global Bank Bill Express and FX Trader.

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