Loyalty programme - Great Way To Grow Your Business


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A loyalty program is a program that allows your customers to build up credit with which they can exchange for rewards. This presentation is about why it is important for businesses to implement a Customer Loyalty Programme. The presentation also discusses few important points to take into consideration while implementing a Loyalty Programme.


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Loyalty Programme: A Great Way To Grow Your Business

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Customer Loyalty Programme A loyalty programme is a program that allows your customers to build up credit with which they can: 1. Apply to further purchases. 2. Exchange for rewards like free spa movie tickets discount coupons 3. Redeem for cash. These are the most common forms of rewards. Loyalty programme

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Why Do Businesses Need To Implement Loyalty Program 1. It costs a lot more to generate a new customer than to sell to a repeat customer. 2. Loyalty programs allow you to build a customer base that is loyal to your products. 3. They will continue to purchase from you rather than your competitors. Customer loyalty programs

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Tips For Implementing Loyalty Program: 1. Make it easy for a customer to know how many points they have. 2. Let them know how many points they need to redeem their rewards. 3. Avoid confusing your customers. Make it easy for them to gain credits cash in on their loyalty. Customer rewards program

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Tips For Implementing Loyalty Program: 4. While deciding the details of the reward consider the following: a Acquisition cost of your customers b Lifetime value of your customers This will help you determine how much you can afford to give to your customers. Loyalty reward program

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Tips For Implementing Loyalty Program: 5. Decide who gets to participate in the program. It makes more sense to spend your marketing money on the section which generate majority of your income. 6. Your loyalty program should be cross-channel. Ex: If you take orders by phone in addition to your web site the loyalty program should extend to both channels. Reward program

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About GraceKennedy Value Reward Programme: GK Value Reward is a loyalty program to give back to loyal customers show appreciation for their support for the past ninety years. Now in addition to the quality products excellent services GraceKennedy group also wants to treat their customers with special rewards whenever they shop at or do business with any one of GK Groups participating subsidiaries Hi-Lo GK General Insurance First Global Bank Bill Express and FX Trader. customer loyalty programme

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GRACEKENNEDY Value Reward Program Join GraceKennedy Rewards Programme Free: Rewards Sign Up For More Information: Call Us At: 1-888-429-5458 Write To Us At: gkvaluerewardsgkco.com

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