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Winning Together, the Omniscient Way!

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In this Presentation Mission Statement Company Overview Marketing Maturity Model Key Customers in India Branch Offices in India Companies Represented Market Presence How We Grew the Brand

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Mission Statement To be the extended arm of global corporations in India

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Company Overview Incorporated in 2000 Around 35 People Headquarters in Bangalore, India International Procurement Office in Singapore Applications Lab in Bangalore Annual Turnover: $4.5 Million Possess perspective and spread in the India market for all Major Applications

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Our Marketing Maturity Model

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Key Customers in India * All Logos are trade marks of respective companies

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Branch Offices in India

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Companies Represented We represent 29 world class organizations in India in the following product areas: Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Wireless Memories Power Products Connectors for Industrial & Military Applications Passive Components Microwave Components

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Companies Represented in Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Rabbit Semiconductor - USA Elan Microelectronics - Taiwan Energy Micro - Norway XMOS - UK

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Ublox - Switzerland Maxstream - USA INPAQ - Taiwan Companies Represented in Wireless

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Hanbit - Korea Austin Micro - USA Companies Represented in Memories

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Power-One - USA Martek Power - USA RECOM - Germany iC Haus - Germany Companies Represented in Power Products

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Major League - USA X-multiple - USA 3M - India Glenair - USA Companies Represented in Connectors for Industrial and Military

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Sonitron - Belgium PCA - USA SIEKO - Hong Kong Companies Represented in Passive Components

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TEKNIS - USA STRATEDGE - USA MCI - USA QCM Research - USA Companies Represented in Microwave Components

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Market Presence

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Turnover by Geography

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Sales Growth Y-O-Y Figures in US$

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Why Omniscient Over 9 years of market presence Core team has more than 18 years of experience in electronics field 2002: 2 brands to 2010: 29 brands Proven track record of delivering growth in India for 29 global corporations We integrate technical sales, design services and supply chain solutions for electronics manufacturers, OEMs and EMS providers on a local & regional basis

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Working Model: Omniscient Support Our Support Team provides customized solutions as per customer requirement. The technical support will be provided till the end of Project and even in the production phase. We have well established Embedded laboratory to solve all technical issues faced by our customer. Our Technical team are well equipped to show the proof of concept as per our customer requirement.

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Growth of Brands: 1 Figures in US$

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Growth of Brands: 2 Figures in US$

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Growth of Brands: 3 Figures in US$

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Growth of Brands: 4 Figures in US$

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Growth of Brands: 5 Figures in US$

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