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Sterilization In The United States:

Sterilization In The United States By: Mathew Di Iulio , Marina Farag, Amanda Niokastritis, Jonathan Sasso, Virginia Zaromitidis

What is Sterilization?:

What is Sterilization? It is form of birth control. All sterilization procedures are meant to be permanent. Closing the tubes can be done in several ways: One way is by tying and cutting the tubes — this is called tubal ligation. The fallopian tubes also can be sealed using an instrument with an electrical current. They also can be closed with clips, clamps, or rings. Sometimes, a small piece of the tube is removed. Sometimes, tiny inserts are put in the tubes. Tissue grows around them and blocks the tubes.

Female Sterilization Overview:

Female Sterilization Overview Sterilization is the most widely used means of permanent contraception in the United States Over 700,000 sterilizations performed annually in the United States #1 method of birth control for women ages 35 to 44 Younger Women (ages 20-29) are more likely to undergo Postpartum Procedures Approximately 50% of the tubal ligations performed annually are postpartum Older women (ages 35-49) are more likely to undergo interval procedures

Is it reversible?:

Is it reversible? Yes, tubal sterilization is reversible. The success rate of reversal surgery is about 75–85% in women who are able to undergo reversal surgery Many women are not considered candidates for reversal surgery for a variety of health reasons. Therefore, female sterilization is considered a permanent method of birth control.

Case Study Barbara Harris:

Case Study Barbara Harris Founded the organization CRACK ( Children Requiring a Caring Kummunity) in California 1997 She and her husband adopted Four children from a Drug-addicted mother. She tried to get legislation passed in California that would have mandated sterilization for mothers who gave birth to babies who were exposed to cocaine as fetuses. This failed. Started a new organization called Project prevention

Promotions & Propaganda:

Promotions & Propaganda ‘Young, Single and Sterilized’ article advertises for birth control clinic founded by Nazi eugenicist Marie Stopes.

Facebook :


Project Prevention Mission Statement:

Project Prevention Mission Statement Project Prevention offers cash incentives to women and men addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to use long term or permanent birth control. Project Prevention is a National, 501 (C) 3 organization using your donations to stop a problem before it happens. We have paid addicts in 50 States and the District of Columbia.

Does this sound like Eugenics?:

Does this sound like Eugenics?

More facts…:

More facts… It promotes its activities by allegedly targeting poor and minority neighborhoods for the placement of billboard advertising, and distributing flyers with slogans such as "DON'T Let a Pregnancy get in the way of your crack habit". Barbara has stated many times: "We don’t allow dogs to breed. We spay them. We neuter them. We try to keep them from having unwanted puppies, and yet these women are literally having litters of children."

Critical Analysis :

Critical Analysis So is this Eugenics? Definitely is. Eugenics is based on prejudiced beliefs that people inherently belong to a superior or inferior race and class. It is also fueled by a fear that the ‘inferiors’ will breed excessively, thereby ‘threatening’ the proportion of ‘superiors’.

Slide 17:

Barbara offers poor women with substance abuse problems $200 not to have a child Poor women with substance abuse problems are not likely to be able to make an informed decision with regard to their reproductive capacity, if offered cash as an incentive. denies poor, marginalized women with substance abuse problems their procreative ability, and this is a human rights violation.

Slide 18:

Who benefits ? Barbara Harris believes that society will benefit. Who Does not benefit? The women who get sterilized do not really benefit in anyway. It does not recognize addiction as a medical problem which responds to appropriate treatment not to be sterilization.

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