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community bag technique


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Bag Technique Ms. Gincy Joseph

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Introduction Home visit is the most traditional but most reputed method of providing care to family It provides direct opportunity to observe family in action Free conversation Incidental health education Identify health problems and its solution

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Community Bag During our home visit nurse must carry community bag with needed equipments. Is a device or vehicle designed to carry all equipments and materials needed during a visit to the home, school or industry The skills and knowledge in preparing and using materials and equipments in the community health bag for performing various nursing intervention at home called bag technique.

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objectives To provide nsg care , assess needs of individual and family Demo and teach cleanliness To treat minor ailments To perform physical and nutritional assessment Opportunity to show the skills of nurses 9/25/10

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To provide emergency care To provide primary medical care in case of acute and communicable diseases To provide MCH care To do the follow up services To provide appropriate health education

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Description about Bag Usually bag made up of leather, canvas or light material Material should be dark in colour, washable and durable It should be stable should not collapse when placed over surface Our institution bag Consist of rectangular metal frame covered with blue cloth (washable) with a cloth handle. 9/25/10

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compartments Outer }un-sterile Side Inner lower or clean Inner upper or sterile 9/25/10

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Equipments Outer compartment articles Soap , soap dish , towel, nail brush (Hand washing equipments) 9/25/10

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Side pockets paper bags, 3sheet news papers, Hb Scale and Lancets , nail cutter, inch tape, ect. Lower / clean All urine analysis equipments Kidney tray Sprit lamp or candle 9/25/10

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Match box Test tube and holder Dropper and 5ml syringe Cotton rag pieces (3) Bottles(2) Cotton sticks 2short and 2 long Solutions (Benedict or acetic acid) 9/25/10

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Upper / sterile compartment……. Thermometer Cotton packs Spirit , Providon Iodine , hydrogen peroxide solutions Instrument pack with artery forceps, thumb forceps and scissors Bowls , measuring jar, fetoscope medicines , needles, open sterile lancets

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Points to remember The bag is needed during each home, school or industrial visit All articles in the bag should be clean Bag should not soil Wash and disinfect all articles before placing back in the bag Bag should not leave alone Should place on the news paper upon the mat or table.

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Wash hand before taking articles from bag If any article is required in between the procedure hand must be washed Wash and replace bag after the posting Broken or missed article should replace by students Carry the bag on your left shoulder, bags opening side should face to the person

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Principles Cleanliness Sterilization Improvisation Maintaince Restocking Economy of time, material and energy 9/25/10

Cleanliness :

Cleanliness barrier(newspaper) Hand washing Once hands are washed the sequence of using bag will be from the sterile to less clean pockets Should not keep any personal items

Sterilization :

Sterilization Sterilize the equipment before and after care If not able, clean it with sprite/ soap and water Any item couldn't able to clean properly keep in cover and keep in outer compartment & do the sterilization later


Improvisation Standard procedure should carry out as far as possible Utilizing the alternate resources from home environment according of the time for carry out the intervention with out violating the basic principle of the procedure is improvisation

Aftercare and protection:

Aftercare and protection Keep away from heat, moist, dust, rain, moving path and wind Clean once a week and wash at least once a month Well protected bag can use for 8 years


Restocking Always be kept ready for use Content should be clean and in order Should be replenished daily with articles and supplies Do not mix up the bag items

Economy of material,time & energy:

Economy of material,time & energy Use standard protocol Thorough knowledge Labeling

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