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What is a supervision?:

What is a supervision? Supervision is a teaching learning process which provides constant observation, monitoring, evaluation, guidance to workers to enable them to perform their activities effectively and efficiently maintaining required standards .


Cont… Supervision nowadays considered as a part of teaching- learning function. Educators think of supervision is a guidance or working together for common goals. Desirable ends are mutually decided .


Cont.. It is someone with experienced helping someone who is less experienced. The supervisor’s function therefore is one primarily of guidance to the students .


Cont….. As students progress in their education, they increase in knowledge and wisdom and appreciate the full meaning of good nursing.


DEFINITION “ Supervision is that phase of management which undertakes direct face to face oversight of task assigned to a small group in order to assure correct and adequate performance . ” TEEK


OBJECTIVES OF SUPERVISION To persist in the delivery of high quality of nursing services To plan services co-operatively and to develop co-ordination to avoid overlapping To develop standards of nursing care and methods of evaluation of nursing care and nursing personnel.


CNTD……… To assist and to help in the development of the staff to their highest potential. To assist in problem solving of the matters concerning the administration and the operation of nursing services To evaluate the services given, personnel performance, progress made, etc... To suggest changes for improving the work effectively and the outcome of the personnel.


PRINCIPLES OF SUPERVISION Supervision should not be overburdened to any individual or group Supervisors should create atmosphere of cordiality and mutual trust. Supervisors should be planned and adopted to the changing conditions Supervision must possess sound professional knowledge. Supervision to be exercised without giving the subordinates a sense that they are being supervised

Supervisors strives to make the unit a good learning situation:

Supervisors strives to make the unit a good learning situation Supervision should foster the ability of each staff- member to think and act for herself/ himself. Supervision should encourage workers participation in decision making. Supervision needs good communications. Supervision is a process of co-operation and co- ordination. Supervision should create suitable climate for productive work.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Supervision should give autonomy to workers depending from personality, competence and characteristics. Supervision should respect the personality of the staff. Supervision should stimulate the workers/ staff ambitions to grow and development. Supervision is responsible for checking and guidance . Good leadership is part of good supervision Supervise diagnose, do not overestimate his understanding and memory.


TECHNIQUES OF SUPERVISION Observation Eg . Ward rounds Interview and questioning Individual and group conferences Performance evaluation- self evaluation ,peer evaluation, supervisor’s evaluation, evaluation by general public. Verbal and written reports –anecdotal reports, critical incident reports, confidential reports etc.


CNTD…….. Orientation and guided experience Manuals and protocols In service education program Continuing education

Functions of a Supervision:

Functions of a Supervision Orientation of the new staff Assessment of the workload of the individual and groups Arranging for the flow of materials Co-ordination of the efforts Promotion of effectiveness of workers Promotion of social contact within the work team


CNTD……. Helping individuals to cope with their personal problems Facilitating the flow of communication Raising the level of motivation Establishment of control Development of confidence Emphasis on achievement Record keeping

Qualities of the supervisor:

Qualities of the supervisor The qualities of the supervisor is derived from.. personality character and professional competence .

Personality character:

Personality character Emotional maturity / stability of character Integrity and firmness Good power of judgment Good listening ability Good communication Self confidence Self control Tactfulness'

Cont…. :

Cont…. Sensitivity Empathy Impartial Socially acceptable manners Open door policy-approachability Set good example, punctual and organize the unit.


PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE Leadership qualities Knowledgeable and resourceful Update professional knowledge, competence, skill, techniques and procedures


Cont.. Awareness of the job, rule, regulations, and existing situations. Intelligence and willingness to teach and learn.


Cont.. Regulate control and co-ordination Net-working and good IPR with other staff, student and departments.


QUALITIES OF A GOOD SUPERVISOR Competent Honest Good Patience Independent Good leader Good technical skill Maintain interest in good nursing care Promote good public relations Updated knowledge Should have human approach to human problem

Types of supervision:

Types of supervision Direct - through face to face talk - observation. Indirect - through the help of records, reports and through written instructions .


Cont.. A good supervisor always has something to give, which is greater than what the individuals whom she is supervising. Inspires confidence Generates enthusiasm Approachable Encourages discussion Admired and respected by students.


Cont. Treats all issues on merit Has patience and hope Realizes that the growth is slow, time and opportunity are essential for change. She puts herself in the other person’s place to see how she would be affected by her own actions.

Responsibilities of a supervisor:

Responsibilities of a supervisor As Supervisor you have the responsibility for: Preparing for the clinical supervision session ensuring no interruptions; settling yourself beforehand, and remembering the previous sessions Being reliable, sticking to agreed appointments, time boundaries, clinical supervision contract, keep confidentiality Avoiding any managerial or educational assessment role from being part of the clinical supervision session; to keep the session time purely within the clinical supervision contract and deal with other roles at other times

PowerPoint Presentation:

Focussing on how quality professional practice can be sustained in spite of personal difficulties the supervisee may have Encouraging the supervisee to seek specialist help or advice when necessary Ensuring that you have support, e.g. your own clinical supervision Be aware of who your clinical supervision lead is in your service Attend updates


conclusion Supervise your students effectively , Set goals realistically, You will be remembered gracefully .

Reference :

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