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Editing Transitions research :

Editing Transitions research Georgina Griffiths

Cavemen :

Cavemen This trailer doesn’t have a variety of transitions but its constant and effective. There is mostly quick cuts from each shot but there is a fade into the train shot. This is an odd transition but its effective because trains you think of underground and darkness. The other transition that this trailer uses a lot is sliding to the left or right. This is mostly for the shots with text in but also a few of the other shots. This is effective because its quite playful showing its not a serious film but also adds a young feel to the trailer I think which is perfect for the young target audience.


beastly This trailer starts off with just a few quick cuts and then a big fade to white very quickly so its like a big flash. This is grabbing the audiences attention and I think a very effective transition. The rest of the trailer consists of mainly fades into each shot. This is good because its all continuous and stays the same however it is also quick repetitive and I think that too many fades take away tis effectiveness which it has done here. The transition into the final title however I think is very clever and looks very modern. The production company names turns to leaves which then floats up the screen and around the film title.

Dear John:

Dear John Dear John starts with a few beach shots where the two main characters meet. This is done by some quick cuts and then a cross fade so you can still lightly see the previous shot fading into the next one. I think this is very effective because the audience isn’t always seeing fade to black or white screens therefore there’s a lot more footage being shown. The titles transition on the screen but the shot in the background burring while the text cuts onto the screen and slightly gets bigger. I love this transition because its not done a lot in film trailers and I think is really unique. The rest of the trailer continues to use simple quick cuts and cross fades but there is a few fades to white when there’s a change in tone. When the trailer becomes less about the romance side and more about the problems the couple go through that's where the fade to white happens. From this trailer I really like the cross fades and will look into using this in my trailer.

Time travellers wife:

Time travellers wife This trailer doesn’t use many transitions other than quick cuts, fade to blacks and fades to the glittery backgrounds. The fades change the tone of the shots to different shots from different parts of the film however the quick cuts just cut from shots in the same scenes. The glittery backgrounds show consistency and throughout as there is quite a few of them. I like the way the fades change the tone of the trailer which I will keep in mind when making my trailer.


Oldboy This trailer uses quick cuts and cross fades. Because it’s an action film I think the quick cuts work really well because there fast and sharp like all the fighting action going on in the scene. The titles appear quickly on the screen each word by word and move on the screen. This looks quite tense and keeps the audience interested. I think the cross fades are good to show opposites for example a shot of the ‘hero’ of the film will cross fade into a close up of the ‘villain’ to show a comparison. As our film isn’t an action this doesn’t really help my planning however I will look into their cross fade comparison style.

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