How to repair corrupt MOV files?


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How toRepair corrupt MOV file? : 

How toRepair corrupt MOV file? “I can not access the MOV file in the QuickTime, it looks as normal, what’s the problem?”

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Files corruption happened due to the files is not saved completely, or the operating system crashes while the file is in use, the physical problems with the storage media, hardware malfunctions, natural causes, viruses, software errors, and human errors etc. . When these bad situation occurred, what we can do is repairing the corrupt file.

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To repair corrupt MOV file, we need prepare: 1. Download a video recovery software and install it in your computer. (you can free downlod from: ) Step1: Choose the drive/ storage device your MOV file saved in.

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2. Choose the file type

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3. Choose the target files to repair

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With high-end disk scanning technology, the corrupt MOV files will be quickly repaired. News From:

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