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Jimm Hendren Group: Baseball Scraps that Hurts http://hendrengroup.me/blog/leading-off-a-baseball-scraps-that-hurts/

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Leading Off: A Baseball scraps that hurts The wild scene in the Baseball arena of San Diego uproars in most of periodicals last Friday, after Carlos Quentin of San Diego Padres made broke the left collarbone of Zack Greinke after hitting him in the left shoulder with a pitch which also left him injured. Greinke is said signed a six-year, $147 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the off-season. Currently, Quentin is suspended from Major League Baseball and Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly fuming at Quentin’s reaction and left baseball with a blood feud. The verdict made the ultimate baseball fan dejected. Revenge? Indeed. No matter how many warnings Major League Baseball issues or however severe a suspension the league threatens, a Dodgers pitcher will hit Quentin this season. Baseball almost certainly will expedite his suspension to ensure he doesn’t play next week, but one of Quentin’s teammates could pay the price for his temper.

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Some reporters noted that Greinke appeared to say something to Quentin as Quentin walked toward the mound after being hit, and Jon Paul Morosi of FoxSports writes that the incident was rooted in an apparent grudge that goes back to a Royals-White Sox rivalry. In a hallway between the home and visiting clubhouses, Kemp stood face to face and exchanged angry words with Quentin … “If a guy’s throwing at your head …” Quentin said. As Steve Dilbeck reported in The Los Angeles Times, Mattingly said he wants Quentin suspended for as long as Greinke is injured: Matting placed all the blame on Quentin for charging the mound in a situation where Greinke would clearly not be intentionally throwing at him. “That’s just stupid, that’s what it is,” Mattingly told reporters in San Diego. “He should not play a game until Zack can pitch. “He caused the whole thing. Nothing happens if he goes to first base. That’s zero understanding of the game of baseball. He’s not throwing at him 3-2 in a 2-1 game. As fans await Greinke’s prognosis and Quentin’s suspension, the Dodgers were looking ahead to next week. The Padres and Dodgers will open a three-game series in Los Angeles on Monday night. And the Dodgers seem ready . You may hit the ball here: http://hendrengroup.me/blog

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