Gillz™ Gear and Other Solutions for Safe, Comfortable Fishing

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To create the perfect fishing shirt, Gillz™ combined cutting-edge technology with comfort and performance inspired by and designed for fishing. Gillz™ gear incorporates patented, chemical-free CoolCore Technology into many of their tournament apparel lines to create lightweight, incredibly comfortable fishing shirts. The CoolCore material was designed to wick away moisture into a 360-degree dampness distribution pattern for amazingly fast evaporation. Along with long sleeve shirts for full UPF +50 sun protection coverage, these are fishing shirts the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.


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Gillz™ Gear and Other Solutions for Safe Comfortable Fishing When It Gets Hot

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Gillz™ Gear and Other Solutions for Safe Comfortable Fishing When It Gets Hot No angler needs to be told how great fishing is. It can be relaxing exhilarating dramatic and fun. To keep fishing trips successful safe and fun every angler needs to take precautions. An otherwise great fishing trip can be quickly ruined by heat particularly when you’re on open water. The good news is that avoiding having a day of fishing ruined plus a nasty sunburn or heat-related health issues isn’t difficult. In general it takes some common sense preparation precaution and being properly dressed in a high-performance fishing shirt and fishing mask from Gillz™. Stay Covered Up It may seem counterintuitive but the key to dressing cool is often wearing more rather than less. Clothing will warm you up when the material is heavy enough to stop body heat from escaping so many people figure that less is better. It’s true that exposing skin in shorts and a T- shirt can make you cooler through radiant heat loss. However that is less effective when that skin is soaking in heat from the sweltering surroundings and direct sunlight. When clothing is made to be breathable and moisture-wicking it helps keep you dry and cool and offers protection from direct sunlight. The key is to cover your skin with something like one of the ultra-lightweight comfortable moisture-wicking fishing shirts created for cooling and comfort on sunny days by Gillz™. Even better Gillz™ gear performance fishing shirts offer UPF +50 protection. The true secret to their comfort in hot weather is the CoolCore patented fabric

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that they use to create their performance fishing shirts which keeps you cooler and at your best on the water. Stay Shaded One of the challenges of fishing on a large body of water particularly from a boat is that it doesn’t offer a whole lot of escape from the sunlight. Boats often feature little to no shade and the sun bouncing up off the water can intensify the heat and glare you’re exposed to. If there’s not much shade close by make some of your own. A wide-brimmed performance hat plus a GillzMask fishing mask from Gillz™ protects your skin and cools you off in a number of ways. The design of the fishing mask much like the gills of a fish provides superior ventilation throughout and keeps your neck and face cool even on hot days. Add a quality pair of UV- protection sunglasses to protect your eyes and prevent a sunburn. Even when you’re geared up find some shade to fish in. When it’s that hot that’s where the fish are going to be anyway. Stay Hydrated One of the most reliable beneficial ways to maintain a healthy body temperature is by doing so from the inside out. That means staying hydrated. Ice water works well for both cooling and hydration. When it’s an exciting day on the water it can be hard to remember to drink as much water as you should. So when you’re out in the heat try setting reminders to hydrate. Water is the best way to keep hydrated. If you really need an energy boost drinking coffee or soda will still hydrate you just not as much as good old H20. Generally stick with water as much as you can. Ensure that fishing is as fun and safe as it should be will Gillz™ gear at Original Source:

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