Rain or Shine, You Need Gillz™ Gear on the Water

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Gillz™ specializes in fishing shirts that wick moisture away to keep you dry, offer UPF 50+ to keep you cool, and breathable fabric to ensure you stay that way. For fishing shirts that only a fellow angler would have the insight and experience to make for a day on the water, choose Gillz™.


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Rain or Shine You Need Gillz™ Gear on the Water

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Rain or Shine You Need Gillz™ Gear on the Water For most anglers the term “fishing gear” evokes rods reels tackle and the other equipment necessary for the act of fishing itself. There’s another class of fishing gear however that’s just as important—the right clothing. In fact if you don’t have clothes sufficient to keep you comfortable when the mercury rises or drops you’re not going to be able to fish for long and aren’t going to have a great time while doing so. Whichever end of the temperature spectrum your fishing trip is taking place in however comfort-optimization relies on light high- performance gear offering superior coverage. For gear like that there’s only one place to look—Gillz™. Why Gillz™ Gillz™ was founded in 2009 by Kent Hickman a passionate fisherman from a young age and a professional competition angler. A native Floridian Kent had access to some of the world’s best fishing but fishing that required braving the tropical sun and coastal storms. However he had a hard time finding light breathable comfortable moisture-wicking high-performance fishing shirts for competitions. He decided to fill that gap with Gillz™ which offers an incomparable collection of fishing clothing anchored by their fishing shirts and masks.

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The Shirts and Their Technology Gillz™ leveraging groundbreaking patented CoolCore Technology resulted in incredibly comfortable lightweight shirts that wick moisture away into 360-degree distribution for ultra- fast evaporation. That means long sleeve shirts that provide full coverage for sun protection keeping the wearer cool and dry in the heat and lending warmth in the cold. It’s the perfect example of a by-anglers-for-anglers product that couldn’t have come to fruition without the practical insights gained from a lifetime of fishing. The GillzMask One of the brand’s most popular innovations is the GillzMask fishing mask. Part of that popularity is likely attributable to the masks’ famous “gills.” In addition to looking awesome the gills function as side panels that channel air over the neck and down the back as an additional cooling strategy. Anyone who has used a mask in the past has likely encountered the unfortunate consequences that always seem to accompany their use. That is they fog glasses they get wet where you’re exhaling and they start to stink. Not the GillzMask. Its mesh breathing hole drying technology and antimicrobial construction means no fogging no constant mouth-hole moisture and no stink. Comfort Hot or Cold While it may seem counterintuitive as we associate more clothing with being warmer a Gillz™ long sleeve shirt and fishing mask won’t make you overheat in warm weather. Covering your skin with light breathable fabric featuring sun protection means your skin is not soaking up the sun’s UV radiation but is allowing for terrific air circulation. In colder weather they’re perfect as a comfortable under-layer providing additional warmth when covered. Plus there’s no beating the GillzMask keeping bugs out of your face so you can focus on the water. Take weather out of the equation with Gillz™ gear and fish on your terms at https://gillz- gear.com

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