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Curriculum Vitae::

Curriculum Vitae: Jillian Dodds DO B : 16.1.74 A ddress: back at Badturf after being bombed reet oot

Personal Statement:

Personal Statement I'd like to think I'm half decent looking with a bit makeup on and its not fog thing in the morning after being out, however I am still capable of fantastic morning sex which has more than made up for it in 17 years of shagging. In the scratcha I am patient, willing, mucky and fuckin mint !!!! (I can show you at interview if you lock the door). I can be a right moody bastard but I will come out of it quick if nipped or flicked, I am a hard worker and will put me heed down when I have to (especially if you're a hot ass). I am a very trustworthy person and have never cheated apart from when I was 17 and down London with the mental bairn for 3 weeks and attempted to shag Martin Pierce up against his van behind Mags pub, I did have a boyfriend of 1 year and the extensive guilt crippled uz. I am very tenacious and have proved this by my 90% success rate of scoring with men I actually wanted to score with. I am very confident and will gladly approach any hot man in a bar or club and dee me best with what I've got. I think you should employ me because I'm good for morale, I'm witty as fuck and strut around in heels which causes 2 general reactions, you'll either laugh your arse off at uz and we'll be mates or you'll want to bend uz over the desk there and then !!!!!!


Education I was born with a good brain and a grand memory but I proceeded to fuck any chances I had of a sensible career or university options with immature and exceptional truancy levels. I was very unfortunate to attend a school that only gave a shit about the pupils who actually turned oot, they never grassed uz to me folks so therefore I ran amok with several other arseholes getting shagged and stoned and mincing about the Leam instead of building me future. I half-heartedly did some of an NVQ Administration when I worked at the printers but I 'm fucked if I even know where the certificate is and if I even got one.

Work History: Morning Oracle Ltd:

Work History: Morning Oracle Ltd Fell into this by chance, YTS on 60 brick a week in sales support and Claudette, me highly strung and smidgeon manager couldn't stand me constant talking on and off the phone, when she received a 100 quid phone bill from me alone she peddled me upstairs to sales to see if I'd be any cop at selling. Turns out I was and I mostly enjoyed me mates and most notably Mrs YRB, strutting round the office talking to people and mincing round town on me dinner and that. I was a little fucker but I did the job so it was tidy.

Work history: Barlow printing LTD:

Work history: Barlow printing LTD Full of cunts !!! Loved the job tho !!!!! Stressful old time here, I was 'associating' with one of the worlds biggest deadbeats and working with some of the biggest plebs I've ever had the misfortune to stumble across, these factors led to the worst year of migraines I have ever encountered, talk about fucking stress ! I walked out after 2 years and never went back.

Work history: Handybath LTD:

Work history: Handybath LTD This 2 year period was easily the funniest period of my working life, imagine every witless wonder of man in the world and chuck them in a warehouse or fitters uniform, add 6 youths such as us, throw in characters like Mr and Mrs YRB, 3 Jack Russell's and a myriad of other idiots of all ages, calibres and bling and you've got yourself a Gateshead Mon to Fri 9-5 party man !!!!! I enjoyed every second of it, almost as much as LC did the day I came to work wearing fat bastards oversized disgustingly patterned jerkin thinking I was cool as fuck.

Work History: TeleNorth/Pure to be Pink Media:

Work History: TeleNorth/Pure to be Pink Media Jesus the hardest fuckin 4 weeks of my life in that training room, the next weren't the best either with the bastards on me team checking uz out before they'd let me be their 'friend', the twat I trained with who I nearly knocked out and of course the suspension months. On a better note I gained two besters and a boyfriend and an exceptional amount of lowie, nuff said.

Work history: Purple PCS part Dos:

Work history: Purple PCS part Dos Back here coz I'd been through half self inflicted half grievance Hell at Pure to be Pink Media. The money was beyond silly and I loved hooking up with a couple of old mates and making me new ones. Job's shite and in the words of Forrest 'that's all I've got to say about that'. Not the funniest really but hey, it was all about the cash.

Work history: Toppas (part time):

Work history: Toppas (part time) Two words...... Discount city !!!!!!!!!!

Work History: The River Inn:

Work History: The River Inn It started with little B and ended with hot W . Who didn't I shag really, this job was probes the best move I ever made. Whether you think its a good or bad thing I got lumbered with the gobshite. The scrapes I got into in, out the back of and up the bank from this pub are too countless to mention. Fuckin brilliant from start to finish. From the time I got mortal behind the bar when we were dressed as the Spice Girls (I was Posh) on New Year, went up the Lords to see everyone, proceeded to more or less shag W on the pool table in full view of the entire bar, I then decided to not bother going back to work til 1 in the morn where in fear of sacking I actually got told to just serve the drinks in the lock in for me naughtiness, the beauty of a boss who A was an alcoholic and B was a year older than me. To the time I was stripped completely naked with the kid who cut the aforementioned bosses ear off out the back of the bar, attempting nasty little sex while the garage lot opposite was totally ablaze, people being evacuated and I've got someone hanging oot the back of uz. I don't think I need to go on really.

Clubs and Associations I belong to :

Clubs and Associations I belong to I am an official member of the 'peddled at 30' society, they throw a ball once a year for all the single deadbeats who's partners were so repulsed by them, no matter what they did for the ungrateful twats, they were still abandoned. I also subscribe to 'no matter how slim I am I still have this arse' brigade. We stamp around town squares and shopping emporiums once a year wearing thongs and chanting. Come along but you must bring your own G String.

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