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pics from my holiday, 10 days, 8 countries, 2700 miles, 1 Celica


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Project Europe 200810 Days, 2700 Miles, 8 Countries : 

Project Europe 200810 Days, 2700 Miles, 8 Countries Yes, I really am that sad that I name my holidays

Day 1 – 4London – Amsterdam – Nurburgring – WerfernCountries: England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria : 

Day 1 – 4London – Amsterdam – Nurburgring – WerfernCountries: England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria Day 1 – 4 London – Amsterdam – Nurburgring – Werfern 6 Countries: England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria

Slide 3: 

Just waiting for the ferry, and I do love a supercar or 2

Slide 7: 

Onto the ferry, an hour late, but not my fault for once, I was bloody early, it was everyone else that was bloody late for once!

Slide 10: 

Lindsay posing with some random pregnant dude

Slide 13: 

The supercar owners spunking their cash at the poker table, I have never seen so much money change hands! Minimum bet was £5, these guys just laid down bundles of notes, bastards!

Slide 14: 

Entering Dunkerque

Slide 15: 

Skip france, there’s bugger all to take photos of there

Slide 16: 

Ok, so nothing interesting in Belgium either – onto Holland

Slide 18: 

Amsterdam by night

Slide 23: 

Amsterdam the next morning, and the lake by the campsite

Slide 25: 

No messing around on day 2, up early and onto Germany

Slide 26: 

Our Campsite at the Nurburgring in Germany

Slide 27: 

Now that’s a lot of wood!!!

Slide 28: 

Big Fire!

Slide 29: 

mmmmm…big fire and takeaway pizza

Slide 31: 

Onto the track, and Ferrari hunting time!

Slide 33: 

Next few are just me on the track

Slide 36: 

Someone mad enough to take their £350k Mclaren out on track, crazy fool!

Slide 37: 

Carpark was petrolhead heaven

Slide 39: 

More FIRE!!!!

Slide 41: 

The route from Nurburg to Werfern near Salzburg – 447 miles, 6h45mins, that’s before we’ve included any stops, it was a LONG day!

Slide 43: 

Some random horses

Slide 44: 

Loved this truck, sad, but its worthy of 2 pics in my eyes

Slide 47: 

1000 miles done already, how the hell we gonna fit another 1700 into the next 6 days?!?

Slide 48: 

Someone having a very bad day

Slide 49: 

Into Austria, our 5th country of the trip so far

Slide 50: 

Day 5 Werfern – Berchtesgaden – back to Werfern 2 Countries: Austria, Germany

Slide 51: 

Arriving in Austria we were immediately in the heart of the Alps, the scenery was stunning

Slide 55: 

Werfern Castle

Slide 56: 

Headed up to Berchtesgaden, and the Eagles Nest for the day, just check out the cloud level!!

Slide 57: 

Breaking through the cloud line

Slide 58: 

The Eagles Nest, this is all I got to see of the building itself, well at least the views will be good….

Slide 59: 

Or maybe not

Slide 61: 

Tourist pose with a view of Salzburg in the background, beautiful!

Slide 62: 

The panorama should help to show what your seeing in the distance, 125 mile visibility, or so they say….

Slide 66: 

The tunnel leading up to the infamous bronze plated lift, Hitler actually walked down here, which I find pretty cool

Slide 68: 

Check out the dude behind me……

Slide 69: 

Loved his hat so much I thought I’d try one on, not quite the pimp look I was going for, more Robin Hood

Slide 70: 

The town of Konigsee, this place is even more commercial than Disney Land, you have to pay €5 just to get into the town, which I reluctantly did.

Slide 72: 

mmmmmmm…Bratwurst…mmmmmm what the hell’s up with those buns though?

Slide 73: 

Lake Konigsee

Slide 77: 

Time for some tourist poses

Slide 79: 

Our bungalow in Werfern, Austria, absolutely beautiful

Slide 81: 

Day 6 – 7 Werfern – Fussen – Davos 4 Countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

Slide 82: 

Up early the next day and off to Fussen, but I was loving those Austrian Alps

Slide 84: 

Had worn my brakes out at the race track, so stopped off at the most picturesque Toyota garage in the world for some new ones

Slide 86: 

€90 later and we’re sorted

Slide 88: 

We stumbled across the Kimmler Wassefalle, the 2nd tallest in Europe, amazing!

Slide 92: 

Arrived in Fussen at night, so a couple of night time pics of the King Ludwig’s famous castles

Slide 97: 

Our campsite the next morning

Slide 100: 

Neuschwanstein Castle

Slide 103: 

Geeky tourist pose with my map and the castle, why, not sure, but seemed like a laugh at the time, god I’m sad…

Slide 105: 

The route for the day, follow the 40 down to the 38, follow the 38 to Bormio, then turn around, back to the 41, then follow the 28 all the way to Davos, the best driving day ever!

Slide 109: 

Nutty cyclists, they drive the 15 miles to the top, then get a bus back down, crazy!

Slide 115: 

Finally at the top of the most grueling road in the world

Slide 125: 

Our Apartment for the night, 1st real bed in 3 days, ah, bliss

Slide 126: 

Day 8 – 10 Davos – Montreaux – Paris – London 3 Countries: Switzerland, France, England

Slide 135: 

Err….whats this doing here, well everyone loves a DeLorean, cool as mustard!

Slide 141: 

At the top of the Furkapass, looking down on the Grimselpass in Switzerland, one of my favourite views in the world

Slide 147: 


Slide 149: 

Took a train under the mountains, awesome!

Slide 152: 

Lake Geneva – we stayed in Montreaux which despite its pretence as a “Swiss Monaco” was actually worse than Blackpool Pleasure beach, apart from the Lake, which was stunning

Slide 154: 

Up early and off on another monster 350+ mile journey to Paris, we stopped only once this day in 7.5 hours worth of driving, the roads were beautiful and straight, perfect for overtaking

Slide 155: 

Errrrr….i wouldn’t drink from that if I was you

Slide 165: 

And that’s pretty much that, ferry back from Dunkerque…..

Slide 166: 

….and back to good ol’ Blighty, which was actually sunny, shock horror.

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