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Hibernian Insurance Engineering Services . : 

Hibernian Insurance Engineering Services . An Appreciation of the; Simple Pressure Vessel Directive. Pressure Equipment Directive. Machinery Directive.

Legislation : 

Legislation Factories Act 1955 European Directives Harmonised Standards Irish Standards Supporting Standards

Introduction : 

Introduction Simple Pressure Vessel Directive 87/404/EEC Implementation: June 1992. Essential Safety Requirements. 0.5 to 30 bar & PS.V not exceeding 10,000bar/litre. Air or Nitrogen – Unfired. Interpretation & Appreciation.

Introduction : 

Introduction European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Implementation: 29/05/2002. Essential Safety Requirements. Pressure Vessels of 0.5 bar and greater. Interpretation & Appreciation

Introduction : 

Introduction Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. Implementation: 01/01/1995 Machinery Essential Safety Requirements. Interpretation & Appreciation.

Pressure Equipment Directive : 

Pressure Equipment Directive Scope. Exclusions. Notified Body. Essential Safety Requirements. General, Design, Manufacture, Materials, Hazard Assessment.

Slide 7: 

Harmonized Standards. Alternative Compliance. Safeguard Clause. CE marking and Declaration of Conformity. Pressure Equipment Directive

Overview : 

Overview Classification- Group 1 Dangerous fluids. Group 2 All other fluids. Category I, II, III, IV. Equipment falls within a category depending on; Whether it is; A vessel, assembly, etc. Liquid or a gas. Maximum Allowable Pressure*Volume. PS*V

Vessels sample chart. : 

Vessels sample chart. I II III IV 0.1 1000 V PS 1000 200 1.0 PS.V=25 I PS.V=50 II PS.V=200 III PS.V=1000 IV 0.5

Category. : 

Category. I - does not require a Notified Body. II -requires surveillance of final assessment. III -requires EC Type examination and surveillance of final assessment. IV -requires type examination and verification of each final item of pressure plant.

Category - Module. : 

Category - Module. Category Module IV B+D,B+F,G,H1. III B1+D,B1+F,B+E,B+C1,H. II A1,D1,E1. I A 0 Sound Engineering Practice.

Modules. : 

Modules. A-internal production control. A1- as above with final monitoring. B- EC Type examination. B1- EC Design Examination. C1-Monitoring of final assessment for B. D -QA for production ,inspection & testing. D1- as above and Notified Body assessment of QA.

Modules cont: : 

Modules cont: E -QA Final inspection & testing of each item of pressure plant & N.B approve technical document for the Type. E1 - as above but without Technical Document approval on Type. F- Product Verification. N.B examines design, construction, calculations, documentation and issue Certificate of Conformity.

Modules Cont: : 

Modules Cont: G - Unit Verification. N.B examines and tests each item of pressure plant as per standards. Issues Certificate of Conformity. H -Full QA. N.B audits full QA procedures. H1-As above with design examination and testing by N.B.

Category - Module. : 

Category - Module. Category Module IV B+D,B+F,G,H1. III B1+D,B1+F,B+E,B+C1,H. II A1,D1,E1. I A 0 Sound Engineering Practice. (no C.E mark)

In Service Issues. : 

In Service Issues. What is the PS value. Hydraulic Test values. Repair Implications - major & minor. Does C.E marking apply Is a risk assessment required. Second Hand pressure vessels within / outside the Community.

Summary : 

Summary What is Different - Then & now. Implementation: 29/05/2002. Appreciation of the P.E.D. Implications and Responsibilities. F.A. Questions.



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