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Global IC Trading Group has always worked dedicatedly towards quality service and customer satisfaction. Their goal has always been in getting back the information and integrate it into their internal process together with the industry training materials


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Electrical Goods Manufacturers:

Electrical Goods Manufacturers Global IC Trading Group

About US :

About US Global IC Trading Group, an independent distributor of electronic components or parts, has always been dedicated to providing the best quality customer service, with a need to constantly improve itself to serve better. GICTG started its journey in 2000 and since then are continuously improving their processes to provide the best quality products and services. Their well trained and skilled investigation personnel works according to their ‘Fake Avoidance Plan’ that helps them lessen the danger of shady materials entering the supply chain . Global IC Trading Company has always been dedicatedly committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, GICTG is one of the first independent traders to invest severely in a detailed investigation process with the most developed equipment including, X-Ray, Decapsulation, and XRF .

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Before purchasing anything, Global IC Trading Group first assesses and then evaluates the suppliers with around 6 classification levels for approval. All the suppliers must maintain a certain quality standard and prompt delivery for continuously three years before they can be approved.  All providers and suppliers are constantly monitored or watched and their industry behavior can be the reason for the upgrade or downgrade of their approval status. They consider the supplier as the start of their investigation process.

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Working together, sharing unusual abilities, and possible risks together with the communication are considered to be the best way of fighting materials entering the supply chain. GICTG works on the belief that ‘Everyone must work together to be successful’.

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Services Offered Global IC Trading Group provides a good range of services for its suppliers and customers to grow with them. Also, GICTG’s advanced inspection process strengthened with their CCAP-101 Certification and CCCI-102 Certified inspectors provide the peace of mind to their customers by providing them prompt results with every order. Let’s read on about the services they provide . Product Testing Product Testing is considered to be one of the most important research that any company carries out. To build a brand share and raise profitability, the best way is to achieve evident product superiority in every category and GICTG helps companies to do so.

Contact Information:

Contact Information 26051 Merit Circle #106 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone: (949) 421-1140 Fax: (949) 421-1151 E-mail: info@gictg.com Website: http://www.gictg.com /

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