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EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY According to Iqbal’s educational philosophy; Firstly the good life must be a life of active effort and struggle. The activity must be creative and original because creativity is the most valuable and distinctive gift of man. A person should have close contact with his environment and he should constantly reshape it to suit his purposes. Secondly, the good man must learn to apply his intelligence through intellect . Intellect does give us power but this power can be utilized constructively for the good of humanity only if it is guided and controlled by love.

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___Continued___ Iqbal is of the view that there are three qualities which should be cultivated by education, i-e courage, tolerance, faqr. Iqbal believes that the cultivation of courage is essential for the proper education of character. The second quality which Iqbal considers to be essential ingredient of the good character is Tolerance. The tolerance is a strong faith a man, who possesses strong confidence of his own, realizes that respect is due to others. Iqbal considers tolerance to be the bases of true civilization.

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The third quality Faqr has come with great stress in the writings of Iqbal. Iqbal rejects the idea of denial and promote an active way of life. But he is keenly conscious of the fact that the highest goal of man looks silent by the weight of his material possessions.


AIMS OF EDUCATION Education should be such which should eliminate all types of fear. He says that education should be dynamic and creative which would help to release the creative spirit in man. The highest aim of education is to develop & strengthen the individuality of all persons. Another aim is character building. The aim of education should be to make them a complete pious man called Momin.


CURRICULUM He emphasized the combine study of religion, cultural history, natural & physical science, psychology, metaphysics, social sciences, & literature for the continuous development of individuality. He said that religious should also be included in the curriculum. Co curricular activities should also be a part of curriculum.

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Role of Science in education Education should arouse an interest in Muslims to conquer new kingdoms of arts and science, knowledge and power. Science will occupy a prominent place in it because it is through science that a man can gain not only control over nature but also through the use of scientific methods.

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