Choose a Perfect Wedding Tent for Your Memorable Event


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Choose a Perfect Wedding Tent for Your Memorable Event

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A tent is a temporary shelter which consists of sheets of fabric or other materials draped over and attached to a frame of poles or to a supporting rope. Smaller tents are usually free standing or just attached to the ground but large tents are normally anchored using guy ropes that are tied to stakes or tent pegs.

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In deciding the right style and size for your wedding tent there are several factors to consider. First is to choose the type of tent you wanted for your wedding. You need to consider the number of guest and visitors you have invited where the reception will be held and other considerations.

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Pole tents or tension tents got the more elegant look due to their high peaks and dips. This tent type is best installed on grass. The frame tents can stand on their own and easily installed on grass asphalts concrete rooftops and decks. For pole tents you can choose from styles like the high peak tension top solara high peak and solar system clearspan while for the frame tents available are A-frame and standard frame and the legacy clearspan.

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The next step is to determine the total number of guest that you’re expecting to attend the wedding. You can confer with the professionals the size of the tent and the flooring intended to accommodate your guests. When you intend to have a dance floor bear in mind that for 15’ x 15’ flooring it can accommodate 50 guests.

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Most couples wanted to have the best picture for their wedding to be sunshine filled with no worries about any freak weather disturbance. But anything can happen to ruin your perfect wedding day. There may be a freak dust storm or rain that can definitely be an inconvenience to you and your guests. This is the reason why renting wedding tents are needed to ensure that in any weather problem you are covered.

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Tents can be a stunning focal point as one of your wedding décors. There are a lot of amazing ideas to make your wedding tent look very extraordinary. Hanging garlands flowers using fabulous fabrics twinkling lights draping ribbons using greeneries paper buntings and colorful lanterns and of course marking the dance floor with rustic lanterns.

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With Premier Tents you are assured that whatever the size the nature and complexity of your event whether you choose to be formal or rustic you definitely can rely upon that you will get a superb quality of tents and the most professional assistance for the smooth handling and undisrupted event.

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