How to Choose the Right E Liquid

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Buying cheap e liquid is a great way to save money. However, vapers should be aware that cheap e liquid may contain nicotine level that is not right or has a higher e liquid strength.


Nicotine levels in e liquid E liquids come from 4 level of strength: zero, low, medium and high. But as per manufacturer, they don’t have the same standards of strength, so it’s important to look at the number at the milligrams of the nicotine. E liquids commonly come in 6mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg among others.


Now, when choosing the right e liquid strength, see e liquid strength guide below: Zero nicotine means that there is no nicotine in the e liquid mixture. These levels are typically ordered by people who previously quit smoking but still have an oral fixation. They use an electronic cigarette to please their oral fixation. 6 mg/mL is the lightest level presented for people who longing to enjoy the smallest potential nicotine level while enjoying the full e liquid taste. This is commonly known as the last step in stepping.


12 mg/mL is a comfortable level of nicotine for people who prefer the precise amount of nicotine but is not a heavy vaper. 18 mg/mL is the level that previous smokers enjoy since it carries the perfect amount of nicotine in each vape. 24 mg/mL is preferred by people who really are a heavy smoker (in traditional smoking, it’s about a pack per day). 36 mg/mL the highest nicotine concentration to offer in customers and is use by a smoker with serious addiction which mean they smoke more than two packs each day.


So, it’s important to choose nicotine strength that is close to the tobacco-based cigarettes for the two main reasons; smoking to compensate and too much throat hit: Smoking to compensate –it means that users will wind up smoking more to make up the nicotine their body needs. Choosing lighter replacement than the original tobacco based product will normally result in compensation smoking. Throat hit –when a light smoker chooses a full strength e liquid strength, they will overload their body with more nicotine than it used to while they were smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. Its throat hit will definitely too intense for them. This will surely result in not liking to use electronic cigarette, when in fact, they just have the wrong e liquid nicotine strength.


So, before buying a cheap e liquid, vapor should know the amount as well as the feeling nicotine absorbed by the body from electronic cigarettes.


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