4 Essential Skills Needed for Working in IT

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The essential skills needed for a career in IT


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The Essential Skills Needed For Working In IT:

The Essential Skills Needed For Working In IT An investigation into the skills required to be successful in a career in Information Technology.

Analysis Skills:

Analysis Skills Different IT jobs will require some form of analysis When a situation or problem arises, the IT professional must find an adequate solution This done by breaking down the problem and identifying the answers to the issue Obtaining and developing analysis skills is vital to be an effective employee in the IT industry

Customer Service & Communication:

Customer Service & Communication Many different IT jobs can involve some form of customer service Help desk and support jobs will involve customer service duties meaning communication skills are integral Communicating effectively is vital to resolve any problem a customer is having

Organisational Skills:

Organisational Skills In an IT job it is important to avoid stress as much as possible Workloads can become quite substantial at busy times meaning stress can easily become overwhelming Being organised can reduce stress and complete work on time

Writing Skills:

Writing Skills In an IT job writing skills are very important Clear communication in emails, documentation and guidelines are very important Being able to explain a piece of software clearly to a customer or colleague is also vital in order to provide advice or a solution


Conclusion The 4 skills listed are needed for any job involved in the IT industry. These skills are transferable and can be used in any career. However, the skills can be developed and tailored to make an individual a more effective in an IT job. If an individual is looking for a role in their IT job search, having the essential skills can be important. For example, if an individual is using recruitment agencies to find a new role, they will need to be an appealing candidate to get an interview. Developing these skills in the IT industry can help an individual progress in their career whilst adding more specialist skills to their resume such as software training.

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