famous women leaders in history

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Famous Women Leaders in History:

Famous Women Leaders in History

Wu Zetian (690-705 AD):

Wu Zetian (690-705 AD) Empress of China Only female in Chinese history to rule as emperor

Hatshepsut (1479- 1458 BC):

Hatshepsut (1479- 1458 BC) Pharaoh of Egypt Encouraged agriculture and trade, and established new sea trade routes

Elizabeth I (1533- 1603):

Elizabeth I (1533- 1603) Queen of England Strengthened currency, promoted government reforms, and supported the growth of England as a commercial force and European power

Catherine II (1762- 1796):

Catherine II (1762- 1796) Empress of all the Russias Born a German princess, but married a Russian Duke Brought a variety of artists and scientists to St. Petersburg

Victoria (1837- 1901):

Victoria (1837- 1901) Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Crowned empress of India in 1876

Indira Gandhi (1966- 1977 and 1980- 1989):

Indira Gandhi (1966- 1977 and 1980- 1989) Prime Minister of India Wanted to free India from British rule

Golda Meir (1969- 1974):

Golda Meir (1969- 1974) Prime Minister of Israel Was foreign minister in 1956- 1966 Was called “the only man in the cabinet”, for her lack of conventional femininity

Margaret Thatcher (1979- 1990):

Margaret Thatcher (1979- 1990) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 1 st elected to Parliament in 1959 Destroyed the power of trade unions and industries Credited with bringing about the dissolution of the Soviet Union

Janet Jagan (1997- 1999):

Janet Jagan (1997- 1999) President of Guyana Co-founded the People’s Progressive Party with her husband A leader in the struggle for worker’s rights, equal education, equal housing opportunity, equal pay for equal work and free maternity leave

Benazir Bhutto (1988- 1989 and 1993- 1996):

Benazir Bhutto (1988- 1989 and 1993- 1996) Prime Minister of Pakistan Family is one of the world’s most famous dynasties 1 st woman to head the government of an Islamic state

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