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GGD Global is the Irish pub design company, we are experts in designing and building high quality traditional guinness Irish pubs and bars.


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• GGD Global is the Irish pub design company we are experts in designing and building high quality traditional guinness Irish pubs and bars.

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The Appeal Of Authentic Irish Bars And Pubs • Authentic Irish pubs can be found in just about any city and their success is mostly due to the fact that they offer a small town atmosphere in an urban environment. • Ireland is known for its beer and when you walk into an authentic Irish bars ll often see a list of several beers that the bars offer. Many people like to come in and try different beers that are often not available in other places. • Authentic Irish pubs are great places for groups of friends to sit down and enjoy a nice evening forgetting their daily challenges and letting their hair down so to speak. These places are also known as highlights in their cities where tourists can have a great experience and come back with their own stories to tell.

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• GGD GLOBAL ARCHITECTURE • GGD Global has designed built and managed pubs for some of the biggest names in the commercial retail hotel and leisure sectors and has been granted approved supplier status from blue chip companies such as Guinness and Marriott hotels. From the versatile Snug Irish coffee bar to the grandest Irish pubs we work with our clients every step of the way and bring our projects in on time and on budget. That’s why we are proud to have developed relationships over many years with clients who keep coming back.

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The importance of BRANDING Corporate ID This is the face of a company to the world - it creates trust a strong brand value and perception of the services that are provided. It can build confidence and pride in the work force and should never be undervalued - as an aside EG: When Rowntree sold out to Nestlé they received zero for the trading business but £800 million for the brand names and images - that is real brand value.

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• We have useful links for your reference that’s related to our business.

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The Importance Of Using Guinness Designers Just about every city has Irish bars and pubs and one of the reasons for their great success is their ability to re-create a piece of Ireland regardless of where they are located. People who desire to open an Irish pub or bar need the expertise of Guinness bar designers. These designers are people who have studied the factors of authentic Irish pubs and bars and that understand what it takes to re-create the small- town feeling that exists in Irish pubs.

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Pubs and bars have always been a fixture in Ireland and were primarily frequented by the working class. In these places Irishmen could discuss local politics the state of the country horse racing the progress of their crops and other issues that were important to them. These local gathering places became an important icon in Irish life and are looked at as a retreat from the world and daily struggles. Guinness bar designers seek to re-create the importance of the Irish bars and pubs by making sure that the floor plans include conversation areas. They invite in conversation by incorporating flat screens that broadcast Irish sports and by making sure there is an area for local bands to perform. Re-creating the unique atmosphere and environment of an Irish bar or pub is not an easy task but Guinness pub designers are passionate about bringing a taste of Ireland to cities all over the world. As a result Irish pubs and bars exist in just about every country in the world. The designers’ dedication to keeping Irish bars and pubs as authentic as possible are a leading reason why these gathering places continue to be so popular in a modern age.

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GGD Global Ltd is a subsidiary of Neeva SA Switzerland

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