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Do you want to know the benefits of desi cow milk? Then, discover the whole blog and get to know the advantages of consuming desi cow milk by GFO Farming.


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What are the Advantages of Desi Cow Milk Do you know what desi cow milk is No then this blog will inform you about a2milk and how it is different from regular milk. Also this blog will provide you with information about where you can purchase A2 milk So now let’s get started with the blog. Firstly I will start with what is milk and why you need to consume A2 milk Milk is a liquid which is produced by mammals. These mammals incorporate humans who obtain milk to feed their babies until they start consuming solid food. The milk is enriched with several nutrients and health benefits. Some individuals cannot digest the lactose available in milk. If you are having an issue with lactose then there is a substitute which you can consume known as desi cow milk or A2 milk. This milk is also available in the market nowadays. What is Desi Cow Milk The desi cow milk or A2 milk is milk being obtained from the desi cows and have the availability of hump on their back. The desi cow milk contains A2 beta-casein protein which makes it nutritional as well as healthy when compared to regular cow milk that contains A1 protein. The A2 milk churned from the a2 milk is entirely natural and has macro and micronutrients. Moreover grass-fed cows produce desi cow milk and contain omega 3 and omega 6 content

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minerals and antioxidants beta carotene. A2 milk is recognized for curing several kinds of diseases. Moreover it is an alternative to mother’s milk as it contains colostrums found in mother’s milk. Read more: https://gfofarming.in/blog/difference-between-h-f-cow-and-desi-cow/ Why consume desi cow milk The A2 milk is entirely free from the additives and is produced naturally by local Indian cows. The desi cows from which desi milk is obtained includes Gir Rathi Brahman Sahiwal Arvin East Tharparkar and Kangeyam. MoreoverA2 milk is free from all the adulterants as well as preservatives. There are two kinds of cows which include regular cows and desi cow. The desi cow produces A2 milk and regular cow produces A1 milk. Moreover A2 milk can eliminate digestive comfort and enhance health as well as nutritional value. Thus studies show that A2 milk is much healthy than A1 milk. Moreover drinking a2 milk can cure type-1 diabetes. However a2 milk is entirely pure and natural. Moreover it is an alternative to regular cow milk. The daily milk contains antibiotics as well as stress hormones. But desi cow milk is free of all chemicals. Regular cow milk is churned from the cow breeds such as Holstein Friesian Ayrshire and others. Additionally it contains A1 protein BCM-7 and morphine. All the things in A1 milk are dangerous for human health. All the chemicals residents available in A1 cause several issues such as stomach ache bloating inflammation and others. Dissimilarity among desi cow milk and regular milk Well the general difference among regular and A2milk is bets casein protein. There are two kinds of beta-casein i.e. A1 and A2. Regular cow milk is derived by the cows of a foreign breed like Jersey and Holstein. Moreover a2 milk is churned from desi breeds such as Rathi Gir Sahiwal and others. However the protein available in the milk is of two types Ie whey and casein protein. Moreover this casein protein is again divided into two types alpha casein and beta-casein. 80 of casein is available in the milk. Regular milk-producing cows are available in India as well as foreign countries. But the cows that produce a1 milk are also known as hybrid cows. A1 milk has a protein known as histidine. A1 milk has A1 beta-casein protein and A2 milk has A2 beta-casein protein which is same in function but differs in the digestion. Whenever A1 beta-casein reaches the intestine digestive enzymes break protein apart and releases BCM-7.

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Read more: https://gfofarming.in/blog/a2-milk-is-better-for-you-than-regular-milk/ Notable Feature of Desi Cows Milk The desi cow contains hump on their back has long ears and their skin gets to hang on their neck. Moreover desi cows have suryaketu nerve on back. This nerve helps them to absorb energy releases from the sun and provide medicinal values. Due to this reasondesi cow can make urine dung and milk nourishing. However they can quickly shake their stomach without shaking any other body part. However they can able to bear extreme climate condition whether it is raining cold or hot. In their whole life span desi cow can feed around thousands of individuals and a single cow is enough for organic farming. Advantages of consuming Desi Cow Milk • Offers a high level of A2 protein • The A2 milk is high in calcium so imperative to grow teeth and bones. • Provides healthy fat for growth and energy • A2 does not contain any harmful chemicals and keep kids away from diseases. • Contains vitamins notably Vitamin A and B which is better for children • It can cure tooth decay in toddlers • The desi cow milk helps to maintain a healthy weight • It reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure Why choose GFO Farming for desi cows milk GFO Farming is a dairy product provider company in Jhajjar Haryana. However the journey of this company starts with the intent of offering pure and natural a2 milk and other milk products produced by desi cow. We aim to deliver completely pure healthy as well as nutrient-creamy a2 milk. We have a selective range of cows raised with proper nourishment and care. Our products are entirely fresh and a2 milk offered by is free from all dangerous chemicals and preservatives. At GFO Farming we have several desi cows like Sahiwal Rathi Hariana and other cows. You can avail desi cow milk at your doorstep. We believe in offering healthier cow milk to our valued customers. This is the reason we feed our cows with fresh fodder and keep our cows in a hygienic environment. We maintain the industry standard of dairy product provider.

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