How the Kiwi Lost its Wings

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HOW  THE  KIWI LOST  ITS  WINGS By: Helen, Jamie, Jocelyn, Rochelle & Sue

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One day while walking through the bush, Tanemahuta looked up and saw that something was wrong with his children, the trees.   They were sick, as bugs were eating them.   Tanemahuta decided to talk to his brother Tanehokahoka about his problem. Tanehokahoka was father to the birds and they decided that Tanemahuta needed to speak to them.

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"Something is eating the trees and I would like one of you to please come down from the bush roof and live on the bush floor so my children can be saved and your home can be saved.  Who will come ?" Tanemahuta asked.   All was quiet, not one bird spoke

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"Tui, will you come down from the roof"   Tui looked at the beautiful trees and saw the sun filtering through the leaves.  Then she looked down to the bush floor and saw how cold and dark it was.   Tui replied  " It is far too dark for me, I am afraid of the dark!"   All was quiet, and not a bird spoke.

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Tanemahuta turned to Pukeko   "What about you Pukeko, come down from the roof top and live on the bush floor", he said.    Pukeko looked down at the bush floor and could see how cold and damp it was.    "It is far too damp for me" Pukeko replied, "I do not want my feet to get wet!".   All went quiet and not a bird spoke.

Pipiwharauroa  looked up at the trees and saw how lovely the sun was as it came through the leaves.  He then looked at his family and said to Tanehokahoka, " I am far too busy at the moment building my nest".   All went quiet and not a bird spoke. Pipiwharauroa was sitting trying not to look at Tanehokahoka. "Pipiwharauroa will you come down from the bush roof and live on the floor?" he asked.

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There was great sadness within Tanehokahoka's heart.  If one of his children did not come to live on the floor his brother would lose his children and his own children would have no home.

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Tanehokahoka then turned to Kiwi.,    "will you come down from the bush roof and live on the floor?"   Kiwi thought for a moment, he looked up at the trees and saw the sun shining through the trees.  He looked around and saw his family.  Kiwi then looked at the cold damp ground and said,   I will".

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This little bird had given both Tanehokahoka and Tanemahuta hope, their hearts were filled with joy. However, Tanemahuta felt that he should warn Kiwi about what would happen. "Kiwi, do you realise that if you do this, you will have strong thick legs so you can rip logs apart on the ground.  You will lose your beautiful coloured feathers and wings, which means you will never be able to fly again. You will never see the light of the sun.."   All was quiet, no one spoke.

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"Kiwi, now will you come down from the roof top?"   After one last look at the beautiful sun filtering through the leaves and one last look and final goodbye to the other birds kiwi turned to Tanehokahoka and said,    "I will".

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Tanehokahoka then turned to the other birds and said,   "Tui, because you were too scared to come down from the bush roof you will now wear  two white feathers at your throat to mark you as a coward"

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"Pukeko, because you did not want to get your feet wet, you will now forever live in a swamp".

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"Pipiwharauroa, because you were too busy building your nest, you will from now on never build another nest, you will lay your eggs in other birds nests"

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Kiwi, because of your great sacrifice, you will become the most well known and most loved bird of them all!“

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