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Fiber Internet  Fiber internet does have its downsides but not enough to knock it off the top when you consider internet service options.  Still it is important to know everything you can about what you sing up for.

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Disadvantages You probably will not need all that speed Availability is very limited New lines require new infrastructure

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You probably will not need all that speed Most people are used to lower speeds than fiber internet offers and still manage to satisfy their work and entertainment needs inside what they get.  The problem with this is that while a new fiber connection’s speed may seem enticing at first the attraction can easily fade after you realize you do not have much use for it on a regular basis.

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You probably will not need all that speed The FCC says a single user on average need just 1 Mbps to browse the web and 4 Mbps to stream HD videos or play an online game.  To qualify as “advanced telecommunications” a service needs to provide speeds of 25 Mbps but that is already the case with many cable providers. Although fiber optic internet providers beat them easily at this you would not be squeezing the juice out of the bandwidth unless someone in the home was streaming a Blu-ray movie while another was playing a game.

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Availability is very limited Not many fiber optic internet providers offer widespread service and as of 2104 less than 25 of the country has fiber-optic lines in their neighborhood. DSL and cable in contrast are available to 90 of the population.  Fiber internet is mainly provided in the north Atlantic coast and the Midwest.  A few fiber optic internet providers such as Google and Verizon have promised nationwide network expansion but that is still some ways in the future.  To know what options you have go online and check for provides by zip code.

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New lines require new infrastructure The main reason cable and DSL are still around despite fiber’s undeniable superiority in so many areas is that they have existing infrastructure which can be used to relay internet signals to subscribers’ homes.  These are the lines originally put in place for phone and TV service.

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New lines require new infrastructure Fiber-optic lines are not so common in the country and whenever one of the fiber optic internet providers wants to service a new area they are required to lay the necessary infrastructure.  This means most fiber internet companies are looking to compensate for that initial cost they have had to up within multiple locations consequently hampering further availability because expansion brings most costs.

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