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Find out the cheapest internet providers in your area and choose the best internet plans at an affordable rate. For more details, visit https://www.getprovider.com.


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OVERVIEW If one of your friends says that “the best high speed internet in my area is provided by ATT®” you could hardly argue with him or her. After all ATT® has the kind of plans that suit the internet needs of millions of customers providing uninterrupted coverage in most part of the US.

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ATT® Unlike internet service delivered through DSL network ATT® makes use of fiber optic network for internet deployment.  So opting for a plan from one of the best fiber optic internet providers out there you can get a connection that is reliable than traditional cable broadband.  Of course technically DSL and fiber optic internet come under the high-speed category but ATT® provides better internet speeds in comparison owing to the internet deployment technology it relies on.  It is called fiber-to-the-premises.

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SPEED The speed of internet service titled ATT® Fiber is 1 gigabit per second which exceeds that of traditional broadband connections delivered over cable lines.  Besides the connection the ISP also endorses pay- TV services which is used for streaming channels over the web with options to bundle it with your internet plan.

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SUBSCRIBE If you subscribe to ATT® Fiber you get wireless gateway that offers signal strength anywhere from the home.  The option to bundle internet plans with streaming service for watching cable channels is an addition but customers shall consider subscribing their internet service alone as per requirement.

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ATT® INTERNET 50 This limited area internet service from ATT® offers speed of up to 50 megabits per second with options to connect it to 10 devices in the home network.  The ATT® internet plan promises that you can download an HD movie with a 90-minute runtime in less than 2.5 minutes.  Note that the service of the Dallas-based Telco which comes at a price of 40 a month and 12-months agreement includes a data cap of 1 Terabyte.  If you exceed that data limit for each additional 50 GB data you may have to pay 10 extra.

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ATT® INTERNET 100 With this internet plan costing 60 a month you get double the speed than the above-mentioned one for starters. An unlimited internet plan is ATT® Internet 1000 costing 80 a month which offers a connection with 1 Gbps speed in select areas only.  You can contact an ATT® store to know if any of the said plans are available in your area or Google “best high- speed internet in my area” to find the best packages available.

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