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Choose the professional to Get Out of Debt San Diego At If you want to Get Out of Debt San Diego, then always choose the professional and experienced bankruptcy attorney. The experienced attorney will always ensure that you get the desired results by a successful filing. Contact Us: Bankruptcy Law Center Address: 1230 Columbia St Suite 1100, San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: 800-718-9688 My Profile: See next Slides:


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A Bankruptcy will immediately stop a lawsuit garnishment levy foreclosure eviction repossession and all those harassing telephone calls. You don’t have to live like this. We will act fast to provide you with the fresh start you deserve. GET OUT OF DEBT SAN DIEGO 2

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SAN DIEGO BANKRUPTCY LAWYER 3 WWW.GETOUTOFDEBTSANDIEGO.COM Our experienced bankruptcy lawyer San Diego have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases. We also offer effective plans to help you save your home and rebuild your credit. Let us give you a free analysis of your legal options. A simple phone call will change your life. A simple phone call gets the process started. Don’t worry about the details. We are consumer bankruptcy experts and we’ll take care of everything for you. You’ll meet with one of our bankruptcy lawyers and we’ll carefully analyze your legal options and explain them to you. ●

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BANKRUPTCY LAWYER SAN DIEGO 4 CHANGE YOUR LIFE CHOOSE EXPERIENCE GET RESULTS ● A bankruptcy eliminates debt and most people that file will keep all of their property and get a fresh start. Imagine life without the debt. Call to begin the process and watch your life change immediately. ● Our lawyers are highly experienced experts at bankruptcy law who have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases. Our sole mission is to help people facing tough financial times. ● Bankruptcy law is complex and you need experts on your side that will guide you quickly and efficiently through the process. It can even improve your credit. Let us show you how. ●

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OUR SERVICES 5 Chapter 7 is sometimes called “straight bankruptcy”. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you receive an elimination of all debts but are allowed to keep your possessions and property. CHAPTER 7 Chapter 13 bankruptcies are a type of reorganization proceeding that encourage consumers to repay as much of their outstanding debt as possible. Provided that a person makes all scheduled payments throughout the time period specified by a court of law any debts remaining unpaid at the end of the process will be discharged. Discharge can beneficial if you can no longer afford to pay your bills. Some of the debts that are most often discharged include credit card debt lawsuits medical bills mortgages personal loans and underwater liens. In 2013 approximately 300000 Americans filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which represents about 30 of all bankruptcies. Repayment usually lasts three to five years and require that a person has a regular income. WWW.GETOUTOFDEBTSANDIEGO.COM CHAPTER 13

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CONTACT US Bankruptcy Law Center 1230 Columbia St Suite 1100 San Diego CA 92101 800-718-9688 Monday-Friday: 8am – 8pm Saturday: 11am – 3pm Sunday: Closed WWW.GETOUTOFDEBTSANDIEGO.COM

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