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A little bit about Me:

A little bit about Me Rita Lima

GENERAL Experience:

GENERAL Experience I have had over 20 years experience working as a corporate PA within organisations such as the construction group, Carillion and the US giant, IBM. I also worked for a number of years for another US company, Dow Chemical, where I was engaged in a variety of roles including: Adviser on a technical help desk for extruded polystyrene insulation – offering advice on how to install the insulation boards and calculating potential heat loss and cold bridging within various constructions Customer service representative on a polyurethanes sales desk, supporting key customers, such as ICI HR administrator, assisting expat employees working abroad at any one of the company’s international sites and also assisting foreign nationals working on assignment in the UK. I helped with finding accommodation, suitable schools, setting up banks accounts, etc and general integration into British life.


I’M GOOD AT MOVING PEOPLE! Whilst working for IBM, I successfully orchestrated a department move of some 200 people, from one site to another location a few miles away, with no major hiccups. It was a job I volunteered to take on when the internal department dealing with it failed to deliver on a significant deadline. My boss was so pleased at how smoothly it all went, she (generously?!!) rewarded me with a pot plant for my desk!

I love technology!:

I love technology! I am highly computer literate – and a confident and competent user of the Microsoft Office Suite. I am also au fait with the various social media applications and have a healthy interest in technology. I am a Mac user (and love it!) but up until a year ago have always been a Windows PC user.

What I do in my spare time:

What I do in my spare time I am a passionate cook – mostly self- taught, but several years ago attained Cordon Bleu certification and in 2009 attended Le Manoir in Oxford to learn how to make artisan breads under the skilful guidance of Benoit Blin – Raymond Blanc’s Head Patisserie Chef. My interest in technology extends to the culinary and so my kitchen is stuffed with the latest gadgets but (unfortunately for me) is at bursting point and can’t take much more! I have recently taken up photography and love playing with my Nikon camera. I am also currently trying to improve my Photoshop skills.

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