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Success Tip: How to develop new digital products that are sure to sell…

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Are you thinking of developing a new product? Writing a book? Inventing a product? Wondering if all the time, effort and money you Put into a new venture will work?

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There’s one simple way to find out quickly and easily!

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The best way to find out what your audience wants is to ask them! You can send out an email message, write a letter, conduct interviews or…

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Send out a survey! It’s a simple thing and it really works. When top-level marketers want to know what to do next, they ask their audience and put out surveys. Ask the right questions Give them a chance to write in answers & comments They’ll tell you what they want!

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Use free internet-based survey tools or put together your own. Keep in mind… The best surveys let you analyze results and collect data easily.

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This is an online or offline strategy that isn’t new…but isn’t used often enough. To add to your Success Calendar: Create a survey!

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