Pink Away Solution to remove pink Stains from Boat Seats

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If you already own a boat that has a pinking problem, then gestalt scientific helps you to remove these stains from your boat seats cover with pink away home solution and commercial solutions. For more information visit us or call us at 888.314.6882


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Pink Stains on Boat Seats :

Pink Stains on Boat Seats

Cause of Pink Stains on Boat Seats:

Cause of Pink Stains on Boat Seats The pink stains on boat seats are caused due to a strain of bacterium known as Streptoverticillium reticulum that overruns boat fabric between the top layer of foam and underneath of the vinyl.   Growth cycle that help in growing pink stain: Spores, Food Source, Warmth and Moisture . Boat Pink Mold is a common bacteria which grows inside the boat’s cushion, seats and unrelatedly of effort, These bacteria cannot be wiped or scrubbed off from the seat &cushion’s surface using any cleaning solutions available in market.

Pink Stains Vinyl Boat Seats:

Pink Stains Vinyl Boat Seats

Pinking can greatly affect the value of a boat: Preventive Steps:

Pinking can greatly affect the value of a boat: Preventive Steps To help prevent pinking from your boat seats, you need to remove all the necessary elements for the bacteria to get established. Ensure all the boat covers, cushions should be completely dry. Also Gestalt offers a two types of solutions which can help to eliminate pinking stains from your boat seats. 1) One is a do-it-yourself solution called PinkAway Home Solution 2) And second One is a commercial system called commercial PinkAway Treatment System.  

Gestalt Pinkaway Solution:

Gestalt Pinkaway Solution PinkAway Home Solution:- With PinkAway home solution you have to buy a small cartridge of the PinkAway home solution. One cartridge cover 5-6 sqr inches. And apply it on sunlight around for 60 minutes. To calculate how much cartridge you require visit Gestalt PinkAway home solution Commercial PinkAway Treatment System:- In this Pinkaway process treatment done with a light known as a halotron that works in tandem with a chemical agent that’s applied to the affected areas. You see results in 60 minutes after applying this. A l l pink stain gone away. To order or for more info about PinkAway Commercial Halotron  System visit Gestalt Scientific corporation.

Purchase a PinkAway System:

Purchase a PinkAway System For More info or want to purchase a PinkAway system then visit to Gestalt Scientific. 16541 Redmond Way #303 Redmond. · WA 98052 · USA Phone : 888.314.6882 Email :

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