Major Causes & Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

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The fuel pump functions to supply the fuel from the tank to the engine. This ensures proper combustion of the fuel in the cylinders of your car. A bad fuel pump may be caused due to broken wires or a blocked fuel filter. And some of the common symptoms are loud whining sound and starting problems. See the given slideshow to know all about the major causes & symptoms of a bad fuel pump.


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Major Causes & Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump


The fuel pump is commonly regarded as the heart of the car as it functions to supply fuel from the fuel tank to the engine as a human heart pumps blood to the whole body.


The fuel pump is responsible for delivering fuel from the gas tank to the engine at the appropriate pressure required to meet the performance demand of your car.


Some minor issues with the fuel pump can lead to major driving and operational problems.


Here are some of the major causes & symptoms of a faulty fuel pump.


Broken wiring CAUSES


In newer cars, mostly electric fuel pumps are used which are placed inside the fuel tank and depends on the battery for functioning.


Any problem in the wiring channels, lead to alteration in the current or voltage flow from the relay to the pump. This may seriously affect the motor of the pump.


Blocked fuel filter


A fuel filter is necessary to prevent dirt and other debris from clogging a car's fuel delivery system.


A blocked fuel filter leads to low pressure and reduces the flow of fuel in the fuel pump, which severely affects the engine performance.


Low fuel level


When you drive your vehicle with low fuel level, results in heating up the fuel tank much faster and eventually overheating the fuel pump.


Also in cold weather, low fuel level leads to oxidation of the fuel tank to form rust. This rust gets ingested into the pump, causing its failure.


Loud whining sounds SYMPTOMS


A typical fuel pump produces a much quieter sound, during normal operation.


Inspection of the pump should be carried out, when such strange sounds occur to prevent it from more serious damage.


Starting problems


A weak fuel pump is unable to provide the fuel to the engine at the required pressure and volume, which give rise to difficulty in starting of your car.


This forces the vehicle to take more cranks to start than normal and in some serious cases, it even fails to start.


Reduced fuel efficiency


The fuel pumps have a relief valve that controls the amount of gas to be channelized to the engine.


Failure of the valve leads to overflow of gasoline in the engine which directly affects the fuel economy of your car.

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