What are the Common Symptoms of Bad Piston Rings

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The engine is the heart of your car, which is responsible for the smooth running of your car. There are several components inside the engine, which contribute to the performance of the engine. The piston rings are one such component that is responsible for the oil pressure and the amount of oil consumed by the engine. However. At times the piston rings may encounter faults leading to their malfunctioning. There are certain symptoms exhibited by the car when the piston rings fail. The slide will give you the details about the common symptoms associated with bad piston rings.


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What are the Common Symptoms of Bad Piston Rings?


The engine inside of your car contains a series of rings that are mostly known as piston rings.


However, the piston rings are the small and inexpensive parts of your car but play an important role for the better operation of the engine.


These rings help your car to regulate the oil pressure and the amount of oil consumed by your engine.


If the piston rings of your car got damaged or worn out, then it will produce several kinds of problems in your engine.


The following symptoms will help you to recognize the bad piston rings of your car before it damages other parts. Exhaust smoke Oil consumed Acceleration power Poor performance


Exhaust smoke


If you notice a lot of exhaust smoke coming out from your car engine, this could indicate that the piston rings of your car are worn out.


When the piston rings are damaged then engine oil will start leaking into the combustion chamber..


Once it happens, the oil will burn and create a thick gray and while exhaust smoke coming out from the engine.


Oil consumed


When you have a damaged piston rings in your car, the oil leaks into the combustion chamber and a lot more oil consumed by your car.


You need to frequently put oil into your car rather than waiting for the standard 3,000 to 5,000 miles.


If you notice that you are adding oil to your car more frequently, then inspect your piston rings by a mechanic.


Acceleration power


When the piston rings of your car wear or got damaged, your engine will lose its power due to the less compression.


As a result, when you put your foot on the gas pedal to accelerate, your car will take a long time to speed up.


In this case, you need to tow your car to a mechanic for inspection and replace it to fix the problem.


Poor performance


The worst and more frustrating symptoms of bad piston rings are when you lose all power of your car.


Due to worn piston rings, you unable to accelerate your car at all and as a result, the overall performance of your car will be very poor.


These symptoms you will experience through the bad piston rings if you have ignored the first three symptoms.


Last words


However, the symptoms of bad piston rings are similar to the symptoms of bad valve seals.


But it's your responsibility is to take your car to an auto mechanic and checked out the piston rings either way.


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