Dental care for Senior Citizens

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A routine dental check up is a must in order to maintain proper oral hygiene and most dentists will ask you to visit every six months or so. During a check up, your dentists in Dubai will examine and clean your teeth and check for early indicators of disease or decay. For more information please visit


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Dental care for Senior Citizens

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With age individuals will require more dental care Routine wear and tear as well as advanced dental care issues are common in older patients observes the dentist in Dubai. This usually requires a combination of restorative dentistry procedures to rebuild compromised or damaged tooth or gum structure and also general dental care services to ensure that an older citizen’s smile remain healthy throughout their lives. At the dental center in Dubai this is the reason why most of our elderly patients receive exceptional customized care.

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Replacement of missing teeth  Missing teeth are a common occurrence among older citizens. Sometimes their tooth loss can be relatively minor such as loosing a few teeth or tooth while other times the tooth loss is quite serious where an older patient loses most or all of their teeth.  There are many restorative and replacement options for missing teeth including dental bridges partial dentures or full dentures that are available for older citizens. The dental clinics in Dubai can help craft an ideal restoration for an older patient during the consultation process.

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Treating extreme wear and tear to the teeth  Major wear and tear to the teeth is a common problem with older citizens. When an older citizen has extreme wear and tear on the teeth it often means that a combination of tooth decay and tooth damage that has weakened the teeth over a period of time.  Restoring tooth structure and improving dental health will generally involve the use of dental restorations including fillings inlays onlays and crowns.

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Oral Cancer screenings  The risk of oral cancer is much higher in older citizens and as individual’s age which is why all lesions and problems affecting the mouth should be taken very seriously. Our family dentist in Dubai will use the latest diagnostic techniques and technologies available to ensure that all potential problems that older patients face are identified and remedied as quickly as possible.

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Gum recession  Gum recession tends to be a common issue faced by many older patients that starts during middle age and progressing as the individual get’s older. Severe gum recession can lead to a lot of dental problems making tooth loss more likely as a result of tooth decay and loose teeth around the exposed root structure.  The best treatment options for gum recession includes soft tissue grafting. This gum augmentation surgery involves building up the gum tissue using donor tissue grafts or artificial soft tissue.

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Dry mouth and treatment  Often another issue faced by older people has been dry mouth as their mouth tends to get more dry due to age and the use of medications. Due to the aging process there is a decrease in salivary gland activity and saliva production. Sometimes the dry mouth is a sign of a systemic condition of some kind such as oral cancer.  Dry mouth can be treated using various treatment options. The dentist may recommend artificial saliva products in addition to simple home remedies in order to ensure optimal dental health and proper moisture in the mouth.

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