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Write sentences about yourself. Use I like to or I'd like to. (exercise C on page 73 in your book) Name something you like to do in your free time: I like to watch T.V Name something you`d like to do in your life: I would like to learn to swim Name a TV show you like to watch: I like to watch talk shows Name a movie you`d like to see: I would like to see hermanos Name one place tourists like to visit in your city: I would like to visit the planetary Name one thing you`d like to change about your city: I would like to change the hot weather

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Write about four things you want to change in your live. Write some suggestions to make your changes happen. Use Should...(use the model on pag. 70 in your textbook) I want to change my style: I should change the color my hair I wan to change my job: I should start to look a new job I should begin to go to the gym I wan to change my body:

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Write about your bad habits and bad qualities and how to change them. (pag. 79) My bad habits are: I Spend too much money: I have to stop shopping I bite my nails I going to start to use gloves My bad qualities are: I have bad attitude: I going to start to read the blibe I’m late all the time I going to buy a new watch

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Talk about your plans and dreams after you graduate. Write about what you are going to do (Use the example on pag.79 in your textbook) After graduation, my goal is to get a good job. I’d also like to get married but not until I’m 25

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