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Our powerpoint presentation about Wayuu Life.


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Wayuu Life Cubillán, geraldine Valencia, yasibith Maraciabo, sep- dic 2010

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Wayuu Life AGENDA: About Yasi A Wayuu Woman Wayuu Cuisine Wayuu Believes About Gerald .Wayuu Trends Wayuu Neighborhood Wayuu College Life Yasi’s Reflexion -Gerald’s Reflexion - Group’s Reflexion

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About Yasi Yasibith Valencia I’m from Sinamaica but I live in Maracaibo 27 years old Laws - Music, - Talking on the phone. - Family I love Favorite Meal: Pizza Tasty and greasy Dreams: Graduate Have more children Follow the steps of my grandfather He’s a Pushipúin (Wayuu Lawyer)

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A Wayuu woman Vanessa. She’s a wayuu woman. She’s 24 years old and she’s a Doctor Dayana is her colleague and best friend She doesn’t have a boyfriend Mrs. “Nena” is related to Vanessa. She’s her grandmother They know each other since highscool

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Wayuu Cuisine Wayuus have Several Typical Dishes such as Goat meat is tasty and sometimes is prepared with Refreshing They also make Desserts Made from That are Sweet and Bland Goat Meat Coconut Milk Cashew Drink made from corn Ujolu Coconut

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Wayuu Believes When someone have a weird dream The old ladies To find out the Meaning They represent a communication way with dead people Wayuus believe that dreams can Predict future Dreams are very important to Wayuu people She/He must tell Dreams are also known as Laapüt

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About gerald Geraldine Cubillán 24 years old Travel Concerts Biggest Dream I live in Maracaibo (In Las Lomas) I study in URBE Neighborhood Quiet zone Doesn't have traffic congestion Working Father + Stay at home mother My Family Patacones French Fries Deep fry, greasy, crunchy, tasty and unhealty. food

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Wayuu Trends Outstanding creations in Old-fashioned way Wayuu Trends haven’t changed a lot Clothing, Accesories and Hammocks fabrics and crafts are made Purses are known as Susú

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Recently Fashionable and Innovative creations Some designers such as Algimiro Palencia mix Traditional wayuu techniques Modern Trends + In order to make Wayuu Trends

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Wayuu Neighborhood “La Guajira” Between Colombia and Venezuela Dry and barren Neighborhood is There isn’t: A lot of greeneary High rise apartments Subway stations Añú people Wayuu Peole Sinamaica town Sinamaica’s Laguna

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Wayuu College Life Scholarship to admit wayuu students System called API Indígena In Maracaibo Trough this Wayuu people can Apply Be accepted Graduate . Become succesful profesionals Vanessa Herrera Graduated as API Indigena Feels very happy Now working as a Doctor like

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Yasi’s reflexion I Feel happy because: I learned a lot I have a new friend I promoted my culture in this class

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Gerald’s reflexion I learned a lot of new vocabulary: Acquaintance Pedestrian friendly Errands Alibi Achivements: More Fluency when I talk - I became a blogger thanks to this class My favorite lesson was lesson 2 Because I love food

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Group’s reflexion Improved our patience learning how to use new tech tools Making this Final Project Before: Classmates Now: Friends Gerald learned some wayuu words The best of all

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