Getting Rid Of Bats In Attic

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Are bats in the house in Georgia? Visit our presentation, it will help you to get rid of bats or call our bat removal expert today at Georgia Bat Control.


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How to Getting Rid of Bats in Georgia


Bats have adapted well to our urban and suburban environments. Bats can be found in and around buildings, bridges and other man-made structures. Historically, bats roosted in caves and large trees with slabs of loose bark or hollowed centers.


Bats are territorial and they will normally stay in your area once they have been excluded. If the building hasn’t been properly sealed, the bats will enter another opening in the same building. Bats only need an opening that is ¼ inch by 1½ inch, the thickness of a standard number two pencil. If any of your neighbors have these conditions the bats may end up there.


Bats can also damage your home. They can chew into walls, damage insulation or damage wiring as well. Bat guano is a carrier of the fungus histoplasma capsulatam. The spores of this fungus are microscopic and airborne and they can easily get into the living areas of your home.


If you are having problems with bats roosting in your structure and would like an estimate for bat removal from house , animal waste clean up, bat guano cleanup, attic insulation replacement or remediation, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable office staff today at Georgia Bat Control!


We are licensed and fully insured bat removal services provider in North and Middle Georgia and expert in bat removal from the house using humane methods. We formulate a proper bat exclusion plan without harming the bats. Our bat removal and exclusion programs are customs tailored to each individual structure. We help residents of Georgia in getting rid of bats in the attic, vent, chimney or any other area. About US


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