How to Rid Attic of Bats


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Following presentation is about the eviction of Bats in Attic, and what methods professionals use to rid attic of bats. This process needs continuous observation for removal of bats without using any kind of harmful chemicals. You can contact Georgia Bat Control. For more details visit at: You can call us at: 678-922-2928 Mail us at:


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How to Rid Attic of Bats:

How to Rid Attic of Bats

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Bats once entered your house can cause disaster to your property and also to health if stayed for a long time making their nest in the attic.

How Bats Enter a House:

How Bats Enter a House These bats need not large space to enter a house. Only a small opening, hole or crack is sufficient for them to get into a house.

Bats in Attic:

Attic being warm and the dark area of house attracts bats most. They find it favorable and safe to raise their young ones there without any disturbance. Bats in Attic

Removal of Bats in Attic:

Removal of Bats in Attic If you try to remove Bats in Attic yourself you might harm them. That’s why it is always suggested to call a professional as they have well planned process for the removal of bats from house without harming them.

Methods Used by Experts :

Methods Used by Experts They inspect the house at dusk to find out the entry and exit point of bats. Then they seal all these point with sealant and caulk leaving the main point open. To this main point they fix a one way exclusion door and observe it if the bats are flying out of it. If it is working this has to be continued for next 3-4 days till all bats left their nest. After they are sure all the bats left this last opening is also sealed.

About Us:

About Us Bats are legally protected species. During the process of their removal it has to be taken care of that they are not harmed. This can be done efficiently by Georgia Bat Control, a licensed and specialized company for bat removal.

Contact Us:

Contact Us For Eviction of Bats in Attic visit us at: 678-922-2928

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