How To Scare Bats Away


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Bats can create too much of problem if allowed to roost in the house. See the following presentation to get tips for Getting Rid of Bats in Attic. For expert help contact Georgia Bat Control. Visit at: You can call us at: 678-922-2928 Mail us at:


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How To Scare Bats Away:

How To Scare Bats Away

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To scare bats away in order to prevent them from roosting in your house you can use methods mentioned in the next slides.

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To disturb bats you can hang aluminum foil at the entry point and mirror in the area where bats are residing. When bats will try to enter, foil will make sound and as you will switch on the lights it will get reflected from the mirror. Bats will get irritated and stop coming to the attic again due to the sound and reflection of light from the aluminum foil as well as the mirror.

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Placing moth balls in the attic and continuous spraying of water in the day time when the bats are present in their nest will also work to disturb and irritate them.

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Above mentioned methods can only be used to discourage bats from coming into your house. But for Getting Rid of Bats which has already roosted your house, you should go for expert help.

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About Us Georgia Bat Control is a specialized company to help you in getting rid of bats with the help of experts using the safest method without harming these mammals.

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