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Dr George is the expert for dental health. You may content us for dental veneers, cerec technology and cerec porcelain crowns in cedar Park Texas.


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CEREC Dentist Cedar Park | CEREC Technology -Georgeturnerdds.com Georgeturnerdds in Cerec Crown | Cerec Dentist Cerec Technology Dental Dentist Health A smile can light up the world but not everyone is happy with their teeth. It can be quite difficult to laugh properly if you have some kind of insecurity associated with your teeth. Before it takes several months and innumerable appointments with the dentists to get the perfect smile but now with Chair- side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics also known as CEREC you can get the perfect smile with little or no effort. Advantages of CEREC Technology 1. Time: It only takes one appointment to get your smile fixed rather than months and several appointments. 2. Cost: As less time is consumed obviously it is cheaper. 3. Accuracy: The work of design is done by computer. Hence the accuracy of the work is increased by many folds. 4. Painless: Normally the procedure of taking an imprint of the teeth was tedious and came with discomfort but CEREC porcelain crowning is painless the impression is taken by a computer which results in no pain whatsoever. 5. Easy: It is easier on the dentist as well as the patient. 6. Lifespan: The last thing to consider is the lifespan which is significantly more when CEREC technology is used rather than conventional technology. We work in dentist cedar park TX and it is a hub for all your dental needs. Being close to so many competitors also puts in perspective the cost of the procedure. We give our services at an affordable rate to you. CEREC Dentist Cedar Park This city has many dentists who use CEREC technology for improving the mouth of their patients. We also provide services like accepting and filing for claims for our patients. This makes the whole ordeal more convenient for the patient. Here at George A. Turner DDS we consider our patients to be of utmost value. We understand that every individual has a busy schedule and it is not always possible to take time out for things that the client desires. Hence we make it our duty to provide the client with as much liberty as we can during their treatment with us.

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If you suffer from any dental condition it is better to get the work done. · Cavity causes pain and needs to be taken care of. The cavity needs to be crowned as well to reduce the chances of any further complication. · Regular dental appointments to check for plaque should be kept. This plaque can result in cavity. · Crooked teeth can result in plaque or worse cavity. So getting braces can eliminate that need. Dentists now use the latest technology to make everything easier for you. Do not shy away from giving your teeth the care they deserve. CONTACT US 1903 Cypress Creek Rd Suite 104 Cedar Park TX 78613 PHONE: 512-258-8381 EMAIL: drgturnersbcglobal.net

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