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What is the Norton Error 8504 104 and how to fix it Norton antivirus is the best security software that provides excellent safety to your device against the virus malware Trojans and online threats. It comes with outstanding features that make it special to fight against virus and malware. This security software provides easy and hassle-free existing support to all Norton users. Along with its features and excellent performance it also comes with some technical glitches that interrupt it to work on your system. Call Norton Help UK to get more information about Norton Antivirus. In this post we are going to explain what is Norton Error 8504 104 and the fixing process. It is advisable to follow the procedure under a stable and strong internet connection and keep your device fully charged because it might take a few minutes. While the troubleshooting procedure if your system gets switched off then you will have to follow the procedure from starting which will take too much time. Also if you have a weak network connection then you might get some more error code. So it is advisable to keep your device completely charged or keep it plugged in and make sure that you are using a stable internet connection. This error occurs at the time of:

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 Installing Norton but you have already existing antivirus on your computer  If you are trying to install Norton Security but it couldn ’t be finished so the installation procedure failed  If you find the notification to update/upgrade to the latest version but the process failed Norton Error Message 8504 104 is displayed in the following ways:  Norton error 8504 0  Norton error 8504 5  Norton error 8504 and 104  Norton error 8504 and 100  Norton error 8504 102  Norton error 8504 106  Norton Error Code 8504 101 Resolution: Step 1- Get the Existing Antivirus Removed  First uninstall/ security tool that is already installed on your PC  PRESS Windows + R and then type their appwiz.cpl and then press enter  Now you ’ll be able to see all the installed programs list on your PC and select the other Antivirus and click on Uninstall/remove the program  Follow the prompts on your screen to get the particular program removed  Once the uninstallation process has been done then restart your PC Step 2- Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool:  Download the latest Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from its official website  Double-click on the downloaded file and Run to install the software Agree with the license agreement and then click on advanced options  Select Remove only and then click on Remove and after that restart your computer Step 3-Get the Graphic Card Updated:  Right-click on My Computer Manage Device  Manager Display adapters or simply press Windows + R and then type devmgmt.msc then press Enter  Double-click on Display adapters and right-click on HP Graphics Card and select Update Driver Software  You might check the status of HD Graphics Card is updates or not by pressing alt + enter or not just by right-clicking and then choose  After updating the driver and then restart your computer

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If the problem still persists then it is advisable to download the Norton AutoFix tool such as Norton error 8504. After that run the Norton AutoFix tool and it detects the error automatically and then will be able to get it resolved. By doing these things you will definitely troubleshoot the error code but if still you are facing this error code or while resolving this error code getting stuck with any glitch then it is advisable to get connected with the technical experts at Norton Support UK. Here you will get instant support regarding your error or issue from the experienced technical experts.

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