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George Landegger established a K-12 school for girls in central Pakistan. He dedicated the school to his daughter, Justine, who works with refugees around the world.


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George Landegger: The Value of Philanthropy George Landegger is a business professional as well as a philanthropist. Throughout his life George Landegger has been dedicated to improving the lives of others and helping those around him. He cares about his employees as well as people who are less fortunate. Previous post: George Landegger: Have You Read ‘ To Kill a M o cki n g b i r d ’ George Landegger graduated from Georgetown University and has maintained a close relationship with the school. He has made several donations to the school and acts as a chairman. He has donated to literacy programs in Alabama as well. He has provided assistance in the form of scholarships for one hundred students in Junior College. George Landegger is one of the main supporters of the Rise Program and he created a home for unwed mothers in Bangalore India. George Landegger is an avid philanthropist who supports a number of different causes. Philanthropy is an important part of society. Philanthropists work hard to improve the wellbeing of others. They care about other people and are interested in supporting those who are in need. There is a big difference between charity and philanthropy. Individuals who give to charity help people who are in need. For example if an area is suffering from famine a charity may provide them with food. While charity helps people for a short amount of time philanthropists strive to solve social issues. Rather than providing famine struck people with food philanthropists strive to help those people learn how to grow food and how to fix the underlying issues that caused the famine in the first place. One more interesting post: George Landegger Supports Literacy and Higher Education If you want to become a philanthropist all you need is a love for people and helping others. You can get involved with non-profit organizations that focus on solving social issues. You can work with environmental causes or organizations that help improve literacy. Some philanthropists choose to go on mission trips. They may spend time living in a developing country and helping communities build irrigation systems homes and buildings used for health centers or schools. This form of philanthropy serves parts of the world that suffer from poverty. Philanthropist can support a wide array of social issues. Philanthropy can help improve society and better the lives of people around the world.

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Read this: About George Landegger Philanthropy is important in a corporate setting as well as personal setting. Corporations can do a lot of good in the world by supporting philanthropic endeavors. Philanthropy can benefit a company as well. It can boost employee morale by encouraging them to work together on a community project. Philanthropy can improve company image as well. George Landegger is interested in getting involved in a number of different philanthropic projects. Throughout the years he has helped others. George Landegger established a school for children in central Pakistan and has created programs in various parts of the world. Read this post as well: George Landegger: The Value of Literature

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