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George Landegger is a very famous & successful businessman. Check out this PPT shared by George Landegger to know more details about him.


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George Landegger The Businessman

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George Landegger the Business Magnate George Landegger is a well-known business magnate in the world of forest products. H e has owned and has been involved with the management of this important industrial enterprise and has created jobs for many Americans over the years. H e holds a great amount of influence standing and importance in this exciting field

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George Landegger Loves Tennis George L andegger is a man who enjoys all kinds of activities in his free time. He is a big fan of tennis which is played throughout the world on courts that are made of clay grass and other interesting surfaces. He enjoys the opportunity to be outdoors and get a lot of great exercise dashing back and forth across the court and hitting a ball with extreme precision and power.

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George Landegger and Football George Landegger is a big fan of collegiate football especially at the University of Alabama. The team is known to its many fans and rivals as the Crimson Tide. They have a long history of bowl games and excellent players that are recognized throughout the country. H e is especially proud of the 15 national championships that this team has won since they began play in 1892.

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