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A simple and quick guide to creating a garden in an urban area.


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Guide to Urban Gardening http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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The fast paced and busy society in urban living can take a toll on a person, sometimes we yearn to get away and get close to a more natural place, that is why there are parks present in cities, but with office work, you don't really get to have time to drive to a park and enjoy the scenery, maybe once or twice a month, but we all know that's not enough. http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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Enter urban gardening, as it name suggests it is making a garden in an urban place, such as: Roof gardens Gardens in your balcony And even inside your own house or apartment! http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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Roof gardens are gaining popularity in urban cities everywhere, because: It is very easy to maintain It freshens your air Provide a source for urban food production Easily becomes a great place for lounging, entertainment and mingling with your neighbors Roof Gardens http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/


It is very easy to set up a roof garden, as all you need are pots, soil and well, seeds of course, and like I said, they require little maintenance, except for the occasional removal of weeds and watering, sometimes the rain does that for you. For small spaces, you can choose to have tiered plants to make the most out of your area. And finally add chairs and table so you and your neighbors can enjoy the green scenery or have a party in your rooftop, instant all-around decorations http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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Balcony and Inside Gardens Just as with rooftop gardens, balcony gardens provide all the same benefits, but it can only be enjoyed by you, and your company inside your apartment/room. It will also liven up your room. http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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There are plenty of plants that can be planted inside your house that doesn't require to have to be bathed in sunlight, one example is mushrooms Oyster Mushrooms Shitake Mushrooms Both these mushrooms can be grown in things that can be easily found in the city, oyster mushrooms can be grown in coffee grounds while shitake mushrooms can be grown in logs, there are also readily available kits and all you have to do is just cover it with plastic, and check on it every once in a while, and in just a few months you can your first harvest. http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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There are also a lot of other edible plants and veggies that can be grown indoors, such as: Miniature Oranges/Citrus Trees : They are very easy to grow and can bear fruit all year long! Herbs : Basil, Rosemary, Parsley and Chives are just some of the herbs you can grow indoors, although they require sunlight they dont require as much watering Tomatoes and Pepper : They are both grown the same way, they like their soil moist as dry soil stresses them and makes it hard for them to bear fruit. http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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There are still plenty more plants you can choose from to plant indoors, or you can also have flowering plants instead of fruit bearing ones. Either way, choose what you want to plant and you'll certainly be able to enjoy the process and the benefits it gives you in the long run. http://www.gardenandponddepot.com/

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