George Freeman From Seattle, Washington

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George freeman is an advocate of exploring the world and different places including oceans, mountains and forests. To know more about him visit his official site


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George Freeman P r e s i d i n g C h a p l a i n a t T h e M o n a s t e r y a U n i v e r s a l L i f e C h u r c h

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George Freeman is currently the heading chaplain of The Universal Life Church Monastery and has achieved a number of accomplishments while working there.

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George Freeman believes in the innate creativity of every human being. He sheds light on the importance of indulging in creative activities that will assist men from cradle to grave.

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George Freeman is a strong advocate of innate creativity and focus on the significance of creative activities and their immense role in personality building.

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George Freeman worked for 2 years as an Account Executive at WOR Radio. From 1977 till present George Freeman has been managing Chaplain at The Monastery a Universal Life Church.

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George freeman is managing a website which is intended to attain a mission of spreading peace and unity under non-discriminatory system. He believes that previous mistakes are the best teachers and they can play an important role in shaping our overall personality.

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George freeman does not believe in religious intolerance and extremism and wants everyone to enjoy peaceful and passionate life.

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George freeman believes that religion can serve as a peaceful tool in bringing out positive change in the entire world.

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THANK YOU To know more about him visit his official site

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