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Canada --- The True North Unit 5


啊加拿大! 我们的家园与故土! 你的儿女,忠诚爱国。 雄心万丈,国势昌盛, 强大、自由的北方之邦! 万众一心,啊加拿大! 我们挺立护防! 上苍祝幸,国泰民安。 啊加拿大,我们挺立护防! 啊加拿大,我们挺立护防!


the Maple Leaf Flag


Say something about Canada:


St. Lawrence River


Five Lakes Lake Superior Lake Michigan Lake Huron Lake Eric Lake Ontario


Canada Ottawa English and French England The second largest country in the world about 31.5 million


Long and hard winters, snow for 6 months coal, oil, wood, natural gas and fresh water Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary British, French, Italian descent Aboriginal peoples; minorities… Catholic天主教, Protestant新教


Niagara Falls


Vancouver: The warmest part of Canada, the most beautiful city in Canada, surrounded by mountains on the north and east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.


Toronto: the most wealthy and biggest city in Canada. On the tall CN tower you can look around the great lake and enjoy the Niagara Falls.


Montreal: a city with wonderful restaurants and clubs. People speak both English and French there, and French culture dominate the city.


1.Why are the cousins not flying direct to the Atlantic coast? 2.What is the continent they are crossing? 3.What is the “ The True North”? 4.Why do many people want to live in Vancouver? Because they want to take the train from West to East across Canada/ they want to see Canada/ they want to travel across Canada. They are crossing North America. “The True North” is the train that goes across Canada. Because it is beautiful/ it is surrounded by mountains and ocean/ they can ski in the mountains and sail in the harbour.


5.What happens at the Calgary Stampede? 6.Where does wheat grow in Canada? 7.Look at the map of Canada. Why would ships be able to reach the center of Canada? 8.Find the answer in the reading passage. Cow Boys compete in riding wild horses/ can win thousand of dollars for riding wild horses. Wheat grows in the center of Canada. Ships are able to reach the center of Canada because they can follow the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes to go there. Name two natural resources that Canada has. Canada has water from its lakes and rivers and wood from its forests.


Same As China Different From China 1.large land 1.Canada has 2 2.weather is different official languages from area to area 2. Larger area 3.long and hard 3.smaller population winters in north 4.no places as hot as 4.many lakes south China 5.much coal, oil and gas 5.more fresh water 6. more forest


1.How do we know if it is fall in Canada? 2.What can sometimes be seen from the CN Tower in Toronto? 3.Where does the water from the lake go? 4.Why is there good Cantonese food in Toronto? Because the maple trees are red and gold and orange, and there is frost on the ground. Sometimes the misty cloud that rises from Niagara Falls can be seen from the CN tower. The water from the lake goes into the Niagara River and over the falls on its way to the sea. Because most of the Chinese people there came from the south of China, especially Hong Kong.


5.Which direction is the train going from Toronto? 6.Why did the girls go to Old Montreal? 7.What three things show us that Montreal is a French city?       The train is going east(northeast) from Toronto. Because it is close to the water./ to see the lovely shops and the artists. Good coffee, good bread and good music show that Montreal is a French city. Also the sings and ads were in French.


Oral Composition: The girls are planning to write back home a report on Canada for their class in china. They have to plan their report carefully. Li Daiyu is going to make a report on what they have seen. Liu Qian will write on what they have heard from people whom they have met. Make notes for each report in the boxes. Share your information with your class. They choose one set of information and make an oral report for either Li Daiyu or Liu Qian.


Note: In writing a report, make sure it has: a title; a short paragraph to introduce the topic of your report; a different paragraph for each new piece of information or new place; a short conclusion. Besides, a report does not require an opinion, and argument or a discussion, but it simply presents information as observed or heard.


Li Daiyu’s Report


Sample report: What we saw in Canada My cousin and I travelled across Canada by train from west to east. We saw many things from the train on the way across, and in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. Some of the most important and interesting things that we saw are included in this report. We passed through the Rocky Mountains on the train, and saw wild scenery, a grizzly bear and some mountain goats. Canada is very empty in the centre, which is a wheat-growing


area. The city of Thunder Bay is a port in the centre of Canada. Ocean ships can come all the way to the top of the Great Lakes. In Toronto, we went up the CN Tower and saw the mist from Niagara Falls. We visited the covered stadium, which is the home of the famous basketball team. We saw Chinatown and had dinner at the Pink Pearl restaurant. When we arrived in Montreal the next day, we saw many signs and ads in French. Then we went to Old Montreal and sat in a typical café besides the St. Lawrence River. We spent the


afternoon in shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces. There is so much to see and do in Canada on one trip. We saw only a few things, but we think we would like to go back for another visit.


Liu Qian’s Report

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