Places You Cannot Afford To Miss In Qatar

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In this presentation which is titled as "Places You Cannot Afford To Miss In Qatar" states some of the most visited places. Read this till the end.


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Qatar is gradually becoming one of the most visited places in the region of the Middle-East. With the growing number of Qatar embassy attestation requests, it may become the most visited city in the Middle East, surpassing Dubai. From architectural wonders, fine restaurants, amazing shopping malls and bustling markets, the city has many things for you to experience. Places You Cannot Afford To Miss In Qatar


Museum of Islamic Art The Museum of Islamic Art is located in the heart of a body of still, clear water. As you approach you will cross a bridge across the water and feel yourself being drawn in by the striking appearance of the museum.


Doha Fort This military fortress is located in the heart of Doha and was built in 1927. This fortress was eventually converted into a museum, and now has exhibitions that feature wooden ornaments, old fishing equipment, oil paintings, and old photographs.


Barzan Towers The Barzan Towers feature brilliant architecture, but to fully experience their beauty, you will have to make your way to the top. Once there, feast your eyes on the views.


National Museum of Qatar The National Museum of Qatar is so complicated in its design that it could almost be mistaken for an origami masterpiece. The white building has sharp and curving edges and, on an architectural level, seems almost impossible.


Al- Wakra Museum The Al Wakra museum is a site that has some of the best architecture in Qatar. The exhibits in the museum are quite fascinating and feature ancient artifacts and the details of the history of Qatar.


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