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Database Creation is a range of sources such as industry-specific websites, local directories, and government websites. its depends on the clients’ database requirements.


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Gen Leads

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ABOUT GEN LEADS Gen leads is Australia and New Zealands leading lead generation and client building company. Established in 2010 we have experience in generating quality leads for businesses and providing complete lead generation and appointment setting solutions to enhance your companies marketing strategy. We ensure that your message is delivered efficiently and properly to every business’s key decision maker in the right manner at the right time. We help clients wanting to expand their current client base keep in touch with their existing clientele and sell their products and services using the oldest form of communication – through person to person interaction. We distinguish needs based from interest and we can assist with identifying your target market the correct person to commence contact with and introduce your services to them at the right time. We also organize face-to-face appointments teleconferences webinar attendance and online consultations for the contact with a member of your sales team. We guarantee that our engagement is meaningful and not just another sales call by building the relationship on your behalf from the very first point of contact. We nurture the relationship until your potential clients are ready to be contacted by your sales team.

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GEN LEADS STRATEGIES Identify prospects and creating an effective prospect list Building a database data cleaning and identifying decision makers. Distributing personalised latters to every decision maker recognized as having interest in purchasing your product or service. Calling decision makers discussing the letter and setting appointment Regular ongoing contact with decision makers to build rapport and nurture

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GEN LEADERS Gen Leads Difference Gen Leads Strategies Gen Leads Services Put simply we care Gen Leads is not about rushing to complete campaigns for our clients. As we have our clients best interest at hearts. When trying to generate new business a very careful strategy must be implemented. Cold calling decision-makers run the risk of reducing any future opportunities. Gen Leads providing Business to Business Appointment System Telephone based activities Webinars Online Product demonstrations Database management Event Design etc.

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GEN LEADS DIFFERENCE Put simply we care Gen Leads is not about rushing to complete campaigns for our clients. As we have our clients best interest at hearts. If we implement a strategy and see that it is not getting the results either Gen Leads or our client has hoped for we will stop the campaign. We will then evaluate what the objections are and work through strategies so that when we proceed with the campaign those objections are prevented. This allows us to ensure that the client is getting the maximum results that they should be getting from having Gen Leads completing the campaign for them. We have highly skilled professional staffs that have experience in the industries which we complete campaigns for. This ensures that the staff member managing your campaign knows what they are talking about when talking to your target audience and are confident in the information that is being given during the campaign.

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DATABASE CREATION The first thought in many sales manager / business owners minds when they need a database or list is to buy one. But have you ever thought:  Can you trust the quality of the list  Will you be marked as SPAM  How many other people have used the same list

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When Gen Leads creates a database for a client the database is not only custom made but once created becomes the property of the client and will not be on sold to a third party. The reason that we do this is that every client pays for their database to be created for their specific needs and requirements. We also don’t want the people on the list being subjected to SPAM and hundreds of sales calls as this tires out the lead and will diminish the value of the database. Our databases are created from a range of sources such as industry specific websites LinkedIn Google searches product groups local directories and government websites. Where we create a list from depends on the clients’ database requirements. We custom build the database with our clients’ target in mind so that it increased the chances of matching someone from the database with the clients offer. When creating a custom made database for our clients we ensure that anyone on the list does not have an anti commercial message on their website detailing that they do not give permission to be on the list as per the SPAM Act. GEN LEADS DATABASE CREATION

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CONTACT US Business Email: Contact No.: 431828-294

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