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Degree certificate attestation a recognition process comes under the list of educational certificate attestation. The embassy or consulate will head all the procedures of Attestation and in this certification an official seal or signature will imprint on the certificate.


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By attestation it means giving an evidence or proof of something. Degree certificate attestation means proving the genuinity of your degree certificates. Degree certificates are documents showing the educational qualification of an individual. The degree certificates are issued by the college or university from where you have completed your degree course. An important thing every individual should do is to get your degree certificates attested if you wish to travel to foreign countries for work or for education. Degree certificates are attested to prove that the individual has completed particular course under a university and the certificate is genuine.

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The procedure for getting degree certificates attested: · In the initial stage HRD attestation is done · The next stage is the MEA attestation · Embassy attestation is the third stage · Final stage is the MOFA attestation Attestation will help your migration easier without any barriers. If you wish to use your degree certificate in country’s other than your home country you should get them attested. A seal and signature of the concerned authority is put on the certificates after attestation.

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Degree certificates are mainly used for: ·  For higher education in any foreign country ·  Degree qualification of the employees is necessary to get a job overseas. ·  It is necessary for getting visa ·  Also is used for migration. In today’s globalized economy people travel without limitations. People move to foreign countries for employment and higher education.  Migration has become so common today and for this degree certificate attestation is mandatory.

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