Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone Online

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Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone Online?:

Where to Buy Genuine Moonstone Online?

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Thinking where to buy Natural Moonstone. Genuine White and Gray Moonstone available in Round Cabochon and Oval Cabochon at gemsngems.com . Formation of Natural Moonstone - COLOR:  Natural Moonstone exhibits bluish white colour ORIGIN:  Brazil, Europe, India, Madagascar, North America, Tanzania, with the most popular and largest gemstones coming from the Ceylonese mines. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:  KAlSi3O8 (Potassium Aluminium Silicate) CUT:  Oval Cabochon, Round Cabochon SPECIFIC GRAVITY:  2.6 REFRACTIVE INDEX:  1.533 to 1.552 HARDNESS:  6.0

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FORMATION:  Moonstone is composed of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. The two species are intermingled. Then, as the newly formed mineral cools, the intergrowth of orthoclase and albite separates into stacked, alternating layers. When light falls between these thin, flat layers, it scatters in many directions producing the phenomenon called adularescence. BIRTHSTONE:  Moonstone is the traditional birthstone of June, along with Pearl. USAGE:  Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery. Moonstone represents the magical power of the lunar fields. It can be considered the most suitable amulet and talisman for those born on Monday – the day of the Moon, as well as for those born at a full moon. Due to its connection with the moon, moonstone can help attune the body and mind to the natural forces that surround us. Known as the Traveller’s Stone, Moonstone has been an amulet of protection since antiquity. Cubic Zirconia Stones

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WHAT WE SUPPLY:  If you are looking for where to buy moonstone, check our selection of oval and round cabochons below for best quality Natural Moonstone in above mentioned Cut in different sizes.

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https://www.gemsngems.com/product-category/natural-gemstones/natural-moonstone/ Contact Us

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